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    * v2.1.510.04 - Add support for OneDrive v2.1.509.16 - Supports upload of intimate content to a different folder. v2.1.509.13 - Background uploads in foreground when Ads are removed. v2.1.509.07 - Allows to execute from Photos app for single picture upload. v2.1.509.04 - Tag and backup pictures from the Photos app. v2.1.509.02 - Allow computer vision for free in the foreground. v2.1.508.31 - Fixes a bug where the background agent failed to start. v2.1.508.27 - Fixes a bug upload fails for zero size files. v2.1.508.26 - Fixes a bug where full licenses were not recognized. v2.1.508.23 - Mayor release. Adds support for Microsoft Project Oxford. v1.2.412.05 - Fixes a bug where settings are not serialized v1.2.412.02 - Faster cancellation v1.2.410.04 - Fix a bug where the agent gets disabled. v1.2.409.22 - Fix a bug where some items are ignored. v1.2.409.14 - Better handling of agent cancellation v1.2.409.13 - Change video naming so certain media managers recognize multiple short videos in the same day as a single video. v1.2.407.15 - Minor update. v1.2.407.06 - Addresses kb2976359. v1.2.405.03 - Optimize backup for high res pictures on Nokia Lumia 1020. v1.2.405.02 - Able to archive or delete pictures and videos after backup.

Media Sync

Using computer vision automatically detects intimate content in your camera roll and hides it for you. Uploads intimate content to a different folder in your cloud to separate it from the normal content. Automatically adds tags to your pictures. Uploads all your pictures, videos and mp3 to cloud services. Pictures and videos will be uploaded into a multiple subfolders based on the date taken of each picture. Upload of high resolution images is supported.


  • Uploads your camera roll pictures in the background to Windows Server
  • Uploads directly from the Photos app
  • Automatically detect pictures categories and adds to the pciture metadata
  • Uploads mp3, videos and pictures in the background.
  • Automatically detects racy pictures in your camera roll
  • Hide intimate or adult content automatically.
  • Uploads to Windows Server
  • Uploads directly from the Photos app
  • Add tags directly from the Photos app
  • Uploads intimate content to a diferent folder in your cloud service
  • Uploads to OneDrive

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8 December 2014

Windows Server support. Finally 😊


14 August 2014

It only works with media server? Couldn't get it working with a normal server\share.


11 August 2014

Null Sterne! Wieder funktioniert Sync nach einem Update nicht mehr. Ist also rausgeschmissenes Geld. Kein Euro wert. Entwickler reagiert nicht trotz mehrmaliger Übersendung des Fehlerprotokolls.


5 April 2014

The best


14 March 2014

It's worth it


3 March 2014

Lo mejor