UWP Community Toolkit Sample App

Sample app for developers that demonstrates the custom controls, app services and helper functions in the UWP Community Toolkit. The toolkit and the sample app are open-sourced in the .NET Foundation and available on GitHub at http://aka.ms/uwptoolkit

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6 July 2017

Why did you guys get rid of the clipboardHelper with the 1.5.1 update on 7/5/17? I'd minus just half a star but i can't, so I'm dropping down to 4 stars for this. Don't be like the rest of the company removing features (I'm looking at you timeline feature from Fall Creators Update). +++++++++++++++++++ Very well done. Keeps me up to date with new controls and their possible uses. Keep it up! Thanks!


5 July 2017

Please keep growing fast enough to battle with other OS


13 June 2017

great way to see what's in this control set


27 May 2017

This includes basically every APIs, new or old, showcase them beautifully as well as in logical manner. It helps ease the process of learning for beginners like me.


9 May 2017

Good App


15 April 2017

Community Toolkit is very well showcased!


5 April 2017

Would love to see a control for a marquee TextBlock that has options like looping and from left to right and back.


4 April 2017

thank you


27 March 2017

My only request is a semantic zoom example


7 March 2017

Well done

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