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    * Version 1.2 - Added new controls to "Labs" section: Accordion, Mosaic, SlideShow, ShapeImage (for rich image displaying) & AutoHide (for interaction detection). And bug fixes with improvements in existing controls. The libraries are also available as NuGet packages : https://www.nuget.org/packages/WindowsAppStudio.Common https://www.nuget.org/packages/WindowsAppStudio.DataProviders https://www.nuget.org/packages/WindowsAppStudio.Uwp https://www.nuget.org/packages/WindowsAppStudio.Controls

Windows App Studio UWP Samples

The Windows App Studio UWP Samples App allows you to see and adjust the components of the Windows App Studio UWP Controls and Data Sources libraries. With this app, you can browse through the different controls, edit the attributes to see changes in real time, and even copy the XAML, C#, and JSON code. The purpose of the app is to highlight what’s in the Windows App Studio Libraries. This open source repository, is available from https://github.com/wasteam/waslibs

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18 November 2016

This will help me a lot! Thank you!


13 October 2016

Mergey merge them. Why are they two different SDK's? Make them one... preferably add what is missing to the UWP Community Toolkit


22 September 2016

Very interesting & useful


30 August 2016

Great app to figure out how to create windows uwp apps


23 August 2016

Awesome UWP Samples and showcasing


18 July 2016

This app helps you to learn xaml


10 July 2016



8 May 2016

These samples are great. They gave me so many ideas to use in my Windows Store Apps. Thanks to those Microsoft folks who creating these samples. Cheers! Update 1: you can look at the XAML implementation of the controls and there are settings that you can change to see how the controls respond. This is very sweet!


6 May 2016

When I first started designing apps with Xaml, I felt more than lost. With so many controls to pick from, and no idea what 99% of them did, I didn't know how to make my app beautiful, user friendly and personal. This app is literally gold. It not only explains each different control succinctly, it show a live example you can edit on the fly, and tops it all off with a beautiful formatted code for you to review and copy. I cannot express enough gratitude to Microsoft and the person/team who build this app. It helps more than you can imagine. As a person who has always HATED Microsoft documentation, this is a giant leap forward for MS. It is this kind of "documentation" that is the future. Thank you.


2 May 2016

Hope they add more templates

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