Speed up your shopping with myShopi, the shopping list for all ! myShopi, the free shopping list, speeds up your shopping and enables you to save time. The interface is SIMPLE and INTUITIVE and has many images. The application is available in English, French and Dutch. MAIN FEATURES • TAP IMAGES TO SELECT ITEMS: browse through product categories and select the items you are looking for. Alternatively, type in names using auto-fill search • DATABASE WITH PREDEFINED ITEMS: Select from a database of more than 1000 predefined items (e.g., bread, milk) or add your own items • ADD NOTES: insert notes or specify quantities to buy • ORGANIZE BY CATEGORY: organize items by product category, as in your supermarket • MULTIPLE LISTS: Create multiple shopping lists to suit your own needs: by store, by person, etc • SEND VIA EMAIL & SMS : Send your shopping list via email and SMS And much more to come! Check out for more info. USER REVIEWS "I always have my list with me. I never forget it. I never lose it anymore." "With myShopi, it's quicker. With pen and paper, it took ages." "myShopi includes only useful features, and excludes superfluous or complicated functions." "Great tool! Because I can add items immediately whenever I think of something." COMMENTS & SUGGESTIONS Do not hesitate to forward us your ideas for new features or enhancements. myShopi is YOUR shopping list, and this app will be developed thanks to the support of the entire shopping community. For comments, suggestions or any technical problems:

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21 February 2017

No good crash


5 December 2016

Outstanding shopping app that can be personalized in most every parameter. Pity it seems to be orphaned; happens a lot since MS has done much the same to the WP OS. . . But I digress.


29 July 2016

Works great on previous version of win phone, but locks up on win 10. Needs to be fixed! I gave it 3 stars because of how well it works with older os. If still worked with win10 then it would get a 5.


8 July 2016

So, I had used this app when I was on WP 8.1 and then reminded it as grocery list became useless for me. But after more then a year I stalled this on my phone running windows 10 and the app runs without any issue. All though google image search is broken still the best grocery app in store.


16 April 2016

The apple version has English! What are you people, there must be some other reason besides incompetence.


10 April 2016

Loved the app until I upgraded to Windows 10. Crashes all the time now. Please update!


22 March 2016

Used to be better. Now limits product images to Google, instead of the internet. I'm switching to something else


20 March 2016

Changed the app lately. Now it doesn't include a running balance when you put prices with items! Wont do it anymore. I even uninstalled and reinstalled. Nada.


14 March 2016

Used to let me add my own photos for products through google and now its forcing me to save to my gallery then upload to the app. Too bad that doesn't even work! I don't know what happened, but this isn't the great shopping app I once remembered when I had my Lumia 1020.


28 February 2016

Easy, convenient, intuitive

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