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Guitar Lessons Beginners #2

▲▲ Best application to learn the guitar without knowing the musical theory in VIDEO HD.▲▲ (Only 10 lessons in the LITE version, the version with 41 lessons and no ads is available on the market) New Volume 02 !!! More than 1.000.000 downloads for the Volume 01 ! ▲ Level : Beginner-Intermediate (If it's too difficult for you, try the volume 01) ▲ 41 Lessons : progressive, easy, clear and commented by your teacher. ▲ 82 amazing videos (150mo) & HD (perfect for Tablet) ▲ Slow down, Zoom. ▲ Tablatures, full screen ▲ Amazing sound of the famous guitar Martin HD28 ▲ High-speed progression and results. Become autonomous and good guitarist. ▲ Your teacher: Franck Graziano: professional guitarist, graduate teacher of State. ♫ References : the French Guitar magazine "Guitar Part", the famous software "Guitar Pro". ▲ Download all videos in 5min (Wifi) or one after the other. ▲ Works on Tablets.


  • Best application to learn the guitar without the musical theory
  • 82 VIDEOS HD

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31 December 2016

Well I tried the Lesson #1 and found that to be above a Beginners level so I downloaded the Level Beginners #2 and began that one. I am a intermediate level and have been playing for about 2 years and you do not have bar cords in a Beginners Lessons. Again as in the first lesson #1 the instructor said nothing or explained nothing to assist a student. All he did was played the bar cords and expected one to pick on how to play them. Very poor Beginners Lessons.


5 July 2016

this is perfect for my studio \\// kusakusa \\// kusa7


8 March 2016

31 lessons @ $2.99 = $92.69 NO WAY


27 February 2016

I like the way it show the melody together with the chord and how it is to be play together. Samuel Morales


26 November 2015

guitar lessons beginners #2 riley helped when I first started I didnot know what or how to play my elektrik guitar that I just got for my birthday and my dad said I will by you lessons and never did and this was two years ago I know am eight years and have ben yousing this ape for two years and it is grate thank you Gloria.


14 November 2015

I am very impressed! I recently downloaded a bunch of apps onto my laptop and the ones for guitar - this is my first one to try - but, seriously, many of the other apps in different subject areas are, pardon my French, crap. Bravo to you! I liked that you developed an option for slo-mo to watch the actual playing of the fret board and the strings. I also really liked having the music below it and the tabs - all right there - no need to scroll around or download elsewhere and also that the guitarist re-played and re-played the section. Menu set up is great so one is able to see what is offered: clear, plain, easy to figure out where one wants to go and do, so, again, Bravo Bravo to the team members @ Guitar Lessons Beginners #2. from a happy apper.


4 July 2015



2 February 2015

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15 August 2014

I love music, but other than singing in a choir for about a year. I never took music. I like how these apps take baby steps to allow it to sink in.


22 June 2014


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