Guitar Lessons Solo Shred

▲▲ Shred Guitar Lessons Solo : Advanced & Intermediate Guitar Method ▲ The 1st Level is FREE. The 3 others levels are unlockable by In App. ▲▲ The only application to learn all the crazy guitar techniques in VIDEO HD.▲▲ TECHNIQUES : Legato/Tapping/Two hands Tapping/Polyrythmic Tapping /Chicken |picking/Alternate picking/Sweeping/Arpeggios/Tril/Natural Harmonics/Artificial Harmonics/Chromatisms/String jumping/Combinated techniques... ▲ Artist style-lick studied : Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Ron Thal (Bumblefoot), Mattias Eklundh, Alan Holdsworth, Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Eric Johnson, Joe Bonamassa, Albert Lee, Shawn Lane, Alexi Lahio, Jason Becker, Zakk Wylde, Christophe Godin, Patrick Rondat. ▲ ENGLISH language, french, español, deutsch. ▲ Unreleased content ▲ Musical theory & rich tablatures. ▲ 72 Videos HD (450mo): High image and sound quality. Slow down, Zoom. ▲ 64 Lessons : progressive, easy, clear and commented by your teacher. ▲ 64 rich tabs & musical theory in full screen : Techniques are highlighted on the score for a maximum comprehension ▲ Amazing sound of the famous guitar Ibanez JS1200 & Marshall JVM ▲ High-speed progression and results. Become a creative player. ▲ Your teacher: Franck Graziano: professional guitarist, graduate teacher of State. ♫ References : the French Guitar magazine "Guitar Part" (work), the famous software "Guitar Pro" (work & sponsored), the famous French guitarists "Christophe Godin" and "Patrick Rondat" (songbooks). ▲ Download all videos in 10min (Wifi) or one after the other. ▲ Facebook fan page to talk about guitar: facebook/BestGuitarLessons Your teacher : Guitarists are more and more talented. New guitar techniques are propagated and if you play the guitare since 2 or 15 years, you have to explore this news thing to integrate them quickly. You will find very creative techniques & complex stuff in this app. With ShredGuitarLessons, you have the best means in your pocket of quickly becoming a creative and better guitarist. Made by passionates and professionals of the music, you will find a good and effective teaching methods in this beautiful application easy to use. Franck Graziano


  • The only application to learn all the crazy guitar techniques in VIDEO HD

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3 July 2017

I love it


16 May 2017

In time I will.


26 December 2016

I've turned it on to some of the people that ask me , "how this", "why that", and "how long until I can shred like that".


11 September 2016


5 August 2016

I hate it you have to put elest 1 staer


30 January 2016



13 December 2015

Полезное приложение. Жаль только, что нет русского языка.


27 October 2015

Most if not all of these technics are available online FOR FREE. Another example of blatant greed . . . sickening.


3 February 2015

Unsubscribe me.


27 September 2014

I play gutair for many years iv payed alot to learn less Good app

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