Frotz8 is an interpreter for Interactive Fiction games, otherwise known as text adventure games. These include all the classic Infocom games from the 1980s, as well as hundreds of more recent games covering an enormous range of themes and styles. Journey into the past, the distant future, to lands of orcs and monsters, to crypts filled with danger and puzzles, or to dystopian alternate realities. This version of Frotz supports game files from z1 to z8, including blorb files. It allows you to import games from your local storage or from your SkyDrive account, and also integrates with the Interactive Fiction archive allowing games to be downloaded and installed with just a click of the mouse or a tap of the screen. With a huge volume of free games available, Frotz8 should keep you entertained for years to come. No computer should be without one!


  • Quick and easy access to your games via a convenient Library screen
  • Sort games by name, by the number of times played, or by the date last played
  • Import games from your local disk or from your SkyDrive account
  • Integrates directly with the Interactive Fiction archive allowing games to be found and installed with ease
  • Pin your favorite games to the Start menu for quick access
  • Full support for keyboard and touch-screen devices
  • Recommended game of the week" helps you to find new games to play that you may not have tried before
  • A choice of color schemes and font sizes

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27 June 2016

Frotz8 works great, is easy to use, and well designed. Thank you.


30 September 2015

I just love it.


27 September 2015

The library feature with a suggested Game Of The Week makes this package better than "just another interpreter."


25 August 2015

seems good at first, doesn't have some "graphical" interface such as beyond zork, and it freezes up when loading libraries. no way to delete games from the library either. with some debugging could be very nice.


1 June 2014

Thanks for writing such a great Z-Machine interpreter for the Windows Store and making it portable across ARM, x86, and x64!


4 April 2014

Thank you for making this wonderful app available. And Free! Very clean design, super easy to use. And downloading games couldn't be easier. Highly Recommended! I will definitely be checking out the publisher's other apps.


10 March 2014

I would rate it 5 stars, but starting Make It Good crashes the program on the Surface RT running RT 8.1. The game works fine in x86 8.1. If this is fixed I will change my rating.


7 March 2014

Frotz8 is a great way to play those old text adventure games again. The author (Adam) went out of his way to quickly help me figure out how to change the background color and text size. I'm new to Windows 8.1, and didn't know the "Settings" button on the Charm bar also worked within the apps. I highly recommend this app. Easy to use, and has a sleek, professional interface. How come such a great app is still free? Thanks Adam!


25 November 2013

My 8 year old and I have had a blast playing lost pig and other games. Thanks so much for providing this app!


24 November 2013

A zmachine interpreter that can't play zork without crashing???... Update.- looks like it's older z-machine files that won't play, the updated versions work fine

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