Controller X

This app can test the Xbox one controllers. Test buttons and the thumb sticks and triggers sensitivity. Test all of vibration motors. Support multiple controllers. FREE without ADS! Enjoy!

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20 June 2017

...vibration test doesn't seem to be working. Please fix it. Otherwise, great little app! Keep it up, devs.


14 June 2017

This is amazing, it saved me from returning my xbox controller. I thought it was defective, but the built-in windows system was actually messed up. I would recommend this app for anyone who wants to diagnose their xbox controllers. I suggest to the developer in expanding support for other third party controllers. (Like Logitech's F710)


5 June 2017

Works well, lets you see what buttons are working.


25 April 2017

Not much to dislike, maybe a battery level indicator is the only thing lacking, but hey it's just a suggestion and not a complaint. Thanks for the app


22 April 2017


19 April 2017

has zero instructions cant use and all it says is to connect my controller and ive googled all over the internet and I cannot find anything that tells me how that actually works way too much time wasted for a free app all the 5* reviews were prob from the devs