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    * QUICK FEATURES: + Totally redesigned app for windows 10 + 100% Offline reading - No connection required + Quick access to Book, Chapter and Verse selection. + Switch between any downloaded version with just one tap + Displays inspirational Verse of the Day + Search Integrated in all screens + Share verses, sermons: social media, email, or text + Quick access to the last new testament, last old testament and the last parallel reading scripture + Better offline reading performance + Cross and Chain Reference + Add verse level comments as you read + Highlight important verses with multiple highlight colors + Bookmark you favorite verses to easily find them + Manage Sermons on different topics + Quickly adjust font size while reading + Backup/Restore your preferences, comments, bookmarks, highlights, sermons + Multiple Reading Plans - Pick a reading plan that suits your goal + Dark and Light Theme to suit your reading Full version history can be found here http://biblepronto.com/about/release-history/

Bible Pronto

With over 500,000+ downloads on the windows platform, we are now happy to bring Bible Pronto to Android, iOS and Windows in 15+ languages and 32+ Versions. Bible Pronto is the BEST Offline Bible app that provides unique reading experience with a beautiful minimalist interface. You can download multiple bible versions and reading plans for offline reading. You can even read two bible versions at the same time with the intuitive parallel reading mode. Bible data is cached locally so you can read it even if you do not have an active connection. Read scriptures from anywhere, anytime at your pace. KJV & ASV comes standard and you can download many other free translations in English, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian, Italian, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Arabic and Hindi from our increasing collection of Bible Versions. You can now follow any of our available reading plans that fits your schedule to read the scriptures. You can download plans locally and use them anywhere. It's fast and fluid. You can follow multiple reading plans at the same time. You can take notes on individual verses, bookmark and highlight each verse. You can read two bible versions using our intuitive parallel reading feature built seamlessly into the reading pane. It also displays Verse Of the Day and Random Verse on the home screen, you can also pin them to the start screen. You can directly jump to the last new testament, last old testament and the last parallel reading scripture you were reading.


  • Quick access to Book, Chapter and Verse selection.
  • Search entire bible using quick search throughout the app
  • Share verses using the built in windows Share feature
  • Pin Verse Of the Day and Random Verses to the start screen
  • Quick access to the last new testament, last old testament and the last parallel reading scripture
  • Copy verses in reading mode to add to notes
  • Support multiple offline Bible Reading Plans
  • Cross and Chain Reference
  • Better offline reading performance
  • Versions available NASB. KJV, ASV, NET, BBE, WEB, TWB, TMB, NHEB, MKJV, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Arabic

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5 June 2017

Love the app. Just wish you would add where you can share thru text and social media.


21 May 2017

Before updated to new version could change bible versions without having internet connection. It worked great and was faster. I travel wifi is many times not available. Old version always worked great and could easily change to downloaded versions while not having an internet connection. Old version was rated five stars by me, new version only rates two stars.


16 May 2017

This new app is very slow compared to the old one for windows phones which was highly useful. Neither the OneDrive nor dropbox backup options are functional. Also, there is no option available to recover/transfer data stored in the older version of this app which is still available in the store. Regardless, it is good to see a new UWP for Windows 10 mobile. Hopefully we'll get an update soon to fix the issues ( slowness, backup options and retrieval of recorded data from the older WP8 app) reported here. The older version of this app was my fault Bible reading app in my phone. The me one seems to have almost all the options except that it is slow (or sometimes not even responding) with some of the options currently being non-functional.


23 April 2017

Bible Pronto is now my favored bible app. It is a stable build without tons of error messages and does not need work-arounds. If it had a more current bible version I would give it five stars. I may choose to purchase one since it works so well.


13 April 2017

It's very good, I love it!


2 April 2017

I really like the parallel feature - I wish it had a scripture search feature


30 March 2017

I use it almost daily, I use it for Family Training Hour, the fact that it capable of being used offline is fantastic. The Training Hour sight does not have WiFi. I have tried other Bibles but this by far the best for non-internet needed. Some have mentioned that they were available offline but did not work correctly and lagged too much. Some Greek or Hebrew definitions would be great but understand that most people would not like to have space used on the hard drive so it would be available offline.


11 March 2017

love this app, but would like to be able to go beyond the readings at times, but have to wait to the next day to continue. I may wish to read in less than a month or year. I l like the easy reading, and different translations.


24 February 2017

Simple and helpful user interface.


16 February 2017

Even though I'm used to the Bible App, and the Bible App has a lot of nice tools, on Windows is nothing as on Android or iOS and it is not maintained, for this reason I started to search for one app and Bible Pronto is one of the best so far. 4 Stars for the small selection of Bible Versions, I like to compare to various versions when I study the Bible, even because I do not understand the old English or want to expand the meaning of a context.

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