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    * Version + Fixed Bible Reading Plan issues while progressing to the next day or item. Version + Updated: Microsoft dependencies to newer version + Updated: Main Screen Layout Adjustments Version + NEW: Verse highlight now changes the background color instead of font color + FIX: Version download issue fixed. + FIX: Reading plan partial readings fixed. New in Version + Added language filter in Bible Versions so you can filter the available versions + Added bible versions in German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Arabic + Complete list of available bible versions can be found here http://biblepronto.com/versions/ + Ad removal through in-app purchase. Version - Quick bible version change feature within parallel reading, single reading and search screens. Now you can change Bible Versions on the fly from same screen. - Now support multiple bible reading plans. - Quick version change option added. - Search Results now support snap view and shows record counts for each book. - App works in both Landscape and in Portrait modes automatically scaling to the device resolution. - Use Manage Versions or settings charm to manage your local Bible versions. Sync the bible version first and download. Full version history can be found here http://biblepronto.com/about/release-history/

Bible Pronto Pro

Bible Pronto Pro is the BEST offline bible app that provides unique reading experience with windows 8 design interface. You can download multiple bible versions for offline reading. Bible data is cached locally so you can read it even if you do not have an active connection. Read scriptures from anywhere, anytime at your pace. You can take notes on individual verses, bookmark and highlight each verse. You can read two bible versions using our intuitive parallel reading feature built seamlessly into the reading pane. You can now follow any of our available reading plans that fits your schedule to read the scriptures. You can download plans locally and use them anywhere. It's fast and fluid. You can follow multiple reading plans at the same time. It also displays Verse Of the Day and Random Verse on the home screen, you can also pin them to the start screen. You can directly jump to the last new testament, last old testament and the last parallel reading scripture you were reading.


  • Quick access to Book, Chapter and Verse selection.
  • Search entire bible using windows 8 Search Charm
  • Share verses using the Share Charm
  • Pin Verse Of the Day and Random Verses to the start screen
  • Quick access to the last new testament, last old testament and the last parallel reading scripture
  • Copy verses in reading mode to add to notes
  • Support multiple offline Bible Reading Plans
  • Semantic Zoom in Search Results
  • Better offline reading performance
  • Cloud backup and restore
  • Versions available NASB, KJV, ASV, NET, BBE, WEB, TWB, TMB, NHEB, MKJV, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Arabic

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3 May 2016

Love the parallel read and the ability to zoom the lettering!


20 September 2015

Cannot get more bible versions, I paid for this


16 September 2015

This app is easy to use. Works great on a Windows 10 tablet.


2 August 2015

Errors.. wont load ANY bible versus and it doesn't have any reading plans available, also it just keeps saying .. there was an error retrieving the bible versions..pls check your connection..but the connection is fine.. rating will go up, when help is received .. I've uninstalled and reinstalled.. NUMEROUS times.. still wont work.. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE at all for problems.. Install at your own risk, the developer gave up.. just fyi..no updates are coming either.


25 July 2015

I liked Bible Pronto Pro before I did a restore to my Surface, not I can't retrieve my versions or my reading plans or do a restore!


13 July 2015

This is the best Metro UI Bible Apps. Great design and features. ...but I miss other portuguese versions like NVI. If they can't offer it for free, they should offer NVI (and other versions) as paid versions. Update July-2015 - Can't sign in anymore !!! Have uninstalled and reinstalled, but it doesn't work.


1 July 2015

Great app' needs niv and better search but outside of that great functionality.


4 March 2015

very useful and helpful, bible reading plans and daily verses. love it.


1 November 2014

The format is clear and easy to use once you learn you cannot just progress to the next chapter by moving the text. I would like to see a verse look-up feature and explanatory Bible study helps an the ability to access a good Bible dictionary without losing your place in the text, such as a side-bar reference. I use Bible Pronto Pro daily for my reading plan and enjoy it.


18 October 2014

This is an excellent tool for quick references during Bible Study.

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