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  • Category: Multimedia design
  • Published by: Multimedia Cafe ?
  • Size: 23 MB
  • Permissions:
    • Access your Internet connection
    • Use data stored on an external storage device
    • Use your music library
    • Use your pictures library
    • Use your video library
  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish
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  • Notes:
    * Ver. 1.6.9: - Added the ability to embed videos and photos on the movie (Picture In Picture) - Added ability to add multiple sounds to the film, - Improved interaction with the touch screen, - Fixed drawing on the pictures and movies. Ver. 1.5.31 - Added filters for movies and photos, - Fixed cropping videos and photos, - Added transition preview and a new transitions, - Improved application stability. Ver. 1.5.3 Added: - The possibility of full video editing, - Cropping video, - Accelerated rendering the film, - Improved stability of the application. Ver. 1.4.12 Added: - The possibility of drawing on movie and images, - Save the visible frame from video or photo with drawings and texts as a .jpg image. - Support for the pen. Ver. 1.3.16 Fixed problem with rotated video. Ver. 1.3.13 Added image cropping while creating a movie from photos. Improve the stability of the application.

crazy video maker

crazy video maker unleashes the power of imagination on the unsuspecting audience by sharing your craziest interpretations on video and photo collections. Mount movies and embed: drawings, pictures, movies and wide range of creative text bubbles to your video, easily and quickly, with precision onto the screen and video time line. Edit the videos with precision with intuitive and easy to use interface. Add new soundtrack and mix it with the original one in any proportion. Complete your creation with a mix of crazy effects and share on Facebook and YouTube directly from the program.


  • simple mount of your own video with photos and other films
  • precise crop of videos and photos
  • the possibility of drawing on film or images
  • many varieties of text bubbles to choose from to "crazyfy" videos and pictures
  • easy on screen, "grab & move" text bubble placement and relocation
  • uncomplicated adjusting of text bubble on the timeline with sound preview
  • the ability to save a visible frame from video or image to a .jpg file with texts and drawings
  • simple trim of video down to single frame
  • mixing original and own soundtrack in any proportion
  • unique video special effects mixer for dramatic transitions
  • full interaction via mouse pen or touch
  • custom watermarking your video
  • FullHD and 4K video support
  • share created video on Facebook and YouTube directly from the program
  • project creation with session based editing

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57 comment


18 February 2017

কাজ করে কি না জানি না?


5 February 2017

This does not even work for me! If you want a better game or app, try Geometry Jump. My friends love it and say it is so addictive, but yeah, I would recommended to delete this app, or if you are just reading comments, then try my advice. Geometry jump has adds, but you can click X out of them. This video maker is horrible, not to offend the created, but this is my opinion.


31 January 2017

I I lick alexia I don't lick jordan


25 January 2017

makes me wonder if apps are reviewed and tested before submitted into the store. i downloaded many apps and they all suck right with this one.


23 January 2017

Can't control play speed, can only add sound at start of clip, program just locks up and closes constantly. It is not even worth $3... mega bust


22 January 2017

i like that i can make my own movie and show my friends


19 January 2017

With no Help files, the process of discovery of the features of this App is tedious and annoying.


17 January 2017

this garbage app is awful. exporting takes FOREVER to load and complete, not only that, but it forces limits on you. you can't do more than 10 videos, pictures, or sounds while making a movie or editing. don't install this useless app if you value your time and effort. I don't see why anyone would rate this 5 stars.


15 January 2017

I cant believe that it doesn't accept cards from Canada neither from Mexico


8 January 2017

The app is great with many features and a very wide range of variety, but when exporting a video and pressing "Play" or "Open File Folder" nothing happens. Trying to manually navigate through the File Explorer to find it is also no use since the app doesn't tell you the full directory. Fixing this issue would bring this review to 5 stars and I would probably purchase the full version. Thanks in advance.

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