ArtRage Touch

ArtRage Touch is a Windows 8 style version of our award winning Desktop ArtRage app that puts the tools of a real art studio at your fingertips on devices without a Desktop mode. Get creative with paint without the mess and expense! Explore a packed toolbox of realistic, natural painting tools like oils and watercolors that let you release your inner artist. ArtRage Touch tools work like you would expect them to in the real world. Thick oils smear under the brush, watercolors blend as you paint, and pencils show the texture of your canvas beneath. It's not just a special effect, it's a live simulation of the properties of real paint. To make it easier to create your masterpiece you also get digital utilities like transparent Layers, Tracing overlays and Reference Images that help you recreate photographs or other images by hand.


  • Designed specifically for touch and stylus screen input devices.
  • Natural painting tools including Oil Paint, Watercolor, Pencils, Palette Knives, Paint Tubes, Rollers, Pens and more.
  • Tool settings to adjust the properties of each tool, and presets for storing your favorites.
  • Transparent Layers with basic blend modes and opacity control.
  • Reference and Tracing Images for importing photographs as a reference during painting.
  • Configurable canvas textures with control over color, depth, and grain type.
  • Undo and Redo.

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14 January 2017

Update: I have deleted post about unable to install and then delete or cancel the install. This was more of a Windows 10 user error that had nothing to do with this app. give it a shot you might like it


30 December 2016

I plan on buying the full version for myself to use on my Dell Venue tablet, the trial has been a wonderful experience. I see myself using it to sketch digitally while I'm out and about, since carrying art supplies around is a hassle. It has a good selection of tools and features, including layers and realistic brushes and settings.


23 December 2016

Works well!


13 December 2016

I would like to see more blending tools but, overall it is not bad.


11 December 2016

I loved it! It helped me draw soooo much!!!


1 December 2016

I own the desktop version from 5 years ago and it's great! This version seems very lacking.


29 November 2016

Its my personal favorite art app I have found so far


25 November 2016

Could you add a scissors tool?


24 November 2016

This version (the mobile version) will save pictures at a resolution that the program arbitrarily is restricted from opening. One would think, that if there was a size restriction, it would save pictures in that resolution or smaller, instead of making a file that is completely useless to anyone. If there is a way to upgrade with out wasting the initial 10 dollars I spent on the mobile version (full costing 50$) I am not aware, as any program with this kind of surprise limitation (the time I spent on several drawing being fully wasted now) is quite insulting. Will not be supporting this software or developer ever again.


16 November 2016

I m having fun

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