Zoomery Mix'10

With this app, you can browse the full material of Mix'10: 130 presentations and 3271 slides in full quality (1.2 Gigapixels) using Silverlight Deep Zoom and the Zoomery technology. Pinch to zoom in. Search the sessions and watch the video recording of any session on your phone. The desktop version is available at http://mix.zoomery.com. The "trial" version is fully functional. If you want to donate, you can buy this app at the MarketPlace - that will prevent the About screen from appearing at startup, and make us INSANELY happy. If you want to use Zoomery in your own app, or need WP7 development, contact us via email at info@response.hu.

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21 October 2015

I didn't how to use this app....?


3 May 2013



4 December 2012



2 May 2011



17 November 2010

I kinda liked the original and this works just as well. Really nice and organized way of looking at all those presentations. Thanks for making this.


16 November 2010

Quick and responsive. Simple and useful. Must have for developers.