Zombie High Vol 9

You make the decisions in this interactive novel set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested world. This is the ninth volume of the Zombie High series. Can you survive in the streets of a zombie-infested Seattle while your own people hunt you? About Delight Games: Our games are about giving you an exciting story, except that you get to put yourself into the shoes of the novel's main character to try to survive to the end. Our games are dead simple. You read, you make choices, and there are consequences for those choices. For example, a zombie staggers toward you. Do you run? Push your friend in front of it? Use your hatchet to split its skull? When you first meet the love interest of your character, what do you say? Compliment him/her? Be aloof? Small talk? You decide. The "right" choice depends on the situation and characters in the story. Choices are designed to not be obvious, yet their consequences logical. You really have to think to survive to the end, not to mention to get a high score and rank. You can play a story over and over to try to beat your previous high score.


  • Read a novel that you control
  • Story and stat-driven decisions
  • Get a score and rank at the end

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19 June 2017

I love this game series. I hope more people play and enjoy this amazing series.


24 May 2017

Great job! Well written and completely engaging. Thank you. Please keep these coming!


15 March 2017

Dramatic .. I Love :)


7 November 2016

This series is riveting, and exciting, but it still manages to have romance an humor involved. I give this book a thumbs up!


20 August 2016

Finally this explained why **** is called ****


2 August 2016

They should make a movie out of this whole series this is the best game I ever played


3 January 2016

Love. 💕💕. The storyline is on point. Myy goshhh. 😏💕!!. Please please please don't leave me hooked like this. ! 💕💕. 😭 ^^. I'm in love with this. If a movie were made, would I be an actress?. I ask myself.😭😭. 💕💕. Can I?. Pleaseeeeeeweee??!!. 😭😭💕.


30 December 2015

I wish 🌠 this story never ends. It's the best!!!!


10 December 2015

It's so awesome 🙆 I can't believe I'm already on vol 9


17 November 2015

Please make more of this series, this is one of my favorite stories!

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