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    * Fancy new tile! Check it out by pinning our app to your beautiful Start screen, we would be honored.


We did it! We took the best of our learnings of making great shopping experiences and turned it into the Windows 8® Zappos app! In our shopping app for Windows 8®, you’ll be able to search, browse, AND find really awesome products from a brand selection most folks probably didn't even realize we carried. At Zappos.com you can find super cool products. If you’re already familiar with all the things we carry, then you’ll be extra pleased to learn that the full catalog of products is available through the app. Don't stop with just drooling over the items though! Save your favorites for later and checkout from inside the app. As a thank you for using the app, we're going to make all shipping FREE for all orders placed within. That means next business day shipping for customers located in areas UPS delivers next day to! We’re always looking for feedback and ideas, so please download it and give it a spin. We'd like to hear from you via @Zappos_Mobile on Twitter. Bring on the good, the bad, and the not so pretty. Try it. Rate it. We love you!


  • Browse Zappos' vast catalog of Shoes, Clothing, Bags and more!
  • See detailed product images
  • Read customer reviews
  • Comparison shop from the comfort of home
  • View products in high detail with zoomable images
  • Manage your favorites
  • Keep track of your recently viewed items
  • Checkout from the app with FREE Next Business Day Shipping!

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7 December 2016

I don't understand the point of this application. It's just a blank screen with the words zappos.com, even after logging into the application. If all the application does is refer you to the website, then creating this app must be the least productive use of time in the world. When using the application on Android, you can at least view items they sell, and use the application like a centralized version of the website, where you have all the functionality of browsing items for sale and even placing an order. This was the very first application I've ever installed on Windows 10 Pro using this Windows Store. I hope it's not an indication of what to expect.


11 November 2016

need to hit "app commands" in the top left scroll don


7 November 2016

Doesn't work anymore. All devs are abandoning Windows apps. Windows apps are a joke.


21 August 2016

App does not work at all. Could use a lesson from Android.


3 August 2016

I really liked the windows 8 version. Now it's awful. I can't browse. I have to do some kind of search to start. When I try to checkout the embedded login page doesn't fit the window and keeps closing when I switch to my password manager. I finally got something in my cart and logged in then when I try to add a shipping address the app just closes itself.


15 July 2016

It is just a blank page with a search icon. Not one picture of anything, anywhere. People at Zappos/Amazon should be ashamed to death this is such a massive dereliction of duty. I'm a previously satisfied Zappos and Amazon customer but I'm never shopping at Zappos again. Even if I wanted to! I am deleting the app immediately. Eff you Zappos losers, thanks for nothing!


31 May 2016

Search working fine, great purchase experience.


16 May 2016

this app crashes on my windows 10.1 system EVERY time.


12 March 2016

love it. very easy to use, shop, and buy. Wish all store apps were this smooth.


11 March 2016

photos won't load, navigation doesn't make sense

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