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YiXue Chinese Dictionary

YiXue Chinese Dictionary is a fast Chinese/English dictionary and learning assistant for Windows Phone with smart flashcards, handwriting recognition, stroke order diagrams, example sentences and a strong focus on making it easier to learn Chinese. It includes flashcard decks for all HSK and TOCFL levels, 20'000 example sentences, and lets you create your own study lists, practice your handwriting, and listen to the pronunciation of each character. It also has plenty of quizzes and games to help you memorize new vocabulary faster and more efficiently. You'll quickly notice that YiXue does everything it can to make learning easier: search results are sorted by frequency, definitions include links to most frequent compounds (for example 易 links to 容易), example sentences are listed from easiest to hardest, and in games words that you know well pop up less often than others. It shows large characters so you can write on the screen with your finger, and displays radicals to help you remember new characters — and it even includes 2700 stroke order diagrams in case you're not sure how to write a simplified character! You can reach me by mail directly from the app's home screen for questions, comments, or feature requests. Happy learning! Clément. Note: The trial version limits searches to three per session, has limited features, and is ads-supported. == Version 1.6 highlights (see 'Credits' for more details): Advanced searches, compounds, TOCFL study lists, audio, new settings, new games, backups to SkyDrive, and improved performance. == Version 1.5 and before: Stroke order overlays for ~2700 simplified characters, game and background settings, and support for looking up sentence words, 3 new games, online lists catalogue, new study list creation/edition interface, more gestures, and support for exploding multi-character words and exporting lists by e-mail.

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18 July 2016

I actually just came back to windows from an iPhone and I must say I missed this app. It had a number of unique fatties that I have not seen on the iOS or Android systems. I just wish it was a full universal app so I can work on stuff on my surface.


11 June 2016

It's smart, it has learning modes, quizzes and a lot of stuff.


28 April 2016

Not really completed. But great.


19 March 2016

This has so many excellent features. Find sentences that use a word. Advanced search options. Visual search lets you find 倚 by typing in elements 口 and 人. Great for identifying new characters. when you can recognize a few elements


13 February 2016

The dictionary is not as extensive as some apps (pleco). But it does have a enough for most situations. And it has some great features like stroke order and quizzes which really add to its functionality. I had almost given up finding something that worked on windows phone. Great app.


16 October 2015

This is my favorite zh-en dictionary. There are a few things I wish the developer would add, though. 1. Part of speech (n., v., adj., etc.) 2. Word frequency (often times I accidentally say an outdated word since I don't know what's common usage) That being said, I love that it can be offline, the study lists are great, and it shows much better results than some other dictionaries in the store. Thank you for this wonderful app!


13 August 2015

Holy sh*t, this app is so good! I bought it for practicing stroke order but it is jam packed with features and word lists and study tools.


13 June 2015



7 April 2015

Great app but wish there were more sentences for hsk 6 words and wish you could remove words from lists as you study them


27 December 2014

Very useful and intuitive

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