XAML UI Controls for Windows 10
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    * Now published for Hololens

XAML UI Controls

An application with no greater ambition than helping you design or build a XAML universal Windows application. Showing you the list of controls from the SDK and a detailed view of each element. I hope it helps you know all the XAML properties related to visual states and to preview them. Design and XAML by Agustin Dana. C# development by Sebastian Zangaro.


  • Browse or search for a specific XAML control
  • Check all controls' built-in properties related to visual states

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8 July 2017

Can you please also make an app and implement cool UI elements like a carousel, and a hamburger like X-Box app.


3 July 2017

This app does a excellent job to visualize each UI control in XAML, really recommended for newbie in XAML.


28 June 2017

I know you mention 'copy and paste' for source, but it's not the actual XAML. It'd be great to be able to have the full example XAML in a textbox which can be copy and pasted directly into VS. Better yet, just post the source to the app on GitHub and then add a link to the sample page from the app to there!


2 June 2017

Thanks for this


25 May 2017

This app is very cool. When I develop an app, I constantly wonder what control would best fit my needs. This will be now my go to app to find the information!


21 May 2017

Very useful!


4 April 2017

It is crazy that Microsoft hasn't made an app like this one. It would be nice if there were more symbol lists like for Segoe UI Symbols. They only way to see them is the old Character map!


21 February 2017

Sebastian and Agustin, thank you both so much for developing such a wonderful app. This is such a great easy-to-use visual reference for developers like us.


28 January 2017

Pretty handy. Should allow to rate from within app though. Still five stars!


19 January 2017

This has been a part of my system And now that we caught in a new Day and Age. We have to do things Simple

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