Award-winning English dictionary and thesaurus app with very well designed, fast and intuitive interface tailored specifically for Windows 8 interface.


  • 150,000 entries with more than 220,000 definitions
  • 70,000 usage samples
  • 30,000 word origins (etymologies)
  • 120,000 pronunciation guides (IPA)
  • 150,000 real human voice audios
  • Built-in thesaurus and word links
  • Browser-like content navigation with ability to tap on any word to view its definition

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2 April 2017

Awesome...this is exactly what I want...


4 December 2016

It would be most helpful to know if you've spelled the word correctly, first.


20 August 2016

tried hundreds of apps, this is the only app I rated 5 stars, best app on the Microsoft store, dont ever delete it please!


14 August 2016

Absolutely Awesome but rated 3 stars because : 1. no option for font size 2. no copy and paste (hyphenated words in particular)


3 August 2016



12 July 2016

Take it for a test drive


1 July 2016

I copy and paste words into this dictionary app all the time. It always returns perfect definitions, complete with context sentences and a button which always you to hear the word when pressed. The only issue is the ads on the bottom of the screen, however, they are small and can be removed for a price.


30 June 2016

I do not like the adds sticking around , they're just so ignoring. But , everything else is pretty helpful.


26 June 2016

Can' do with out it.


9 May 2016

I love the simplicity and nice cool background its easy on the eyes. You can conveniently look up similar words through the Thesaurus, what more can one ask for...WINNING!

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