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  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English (United States), Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Hungarian, Italian, Korean , French, Vietnamese, Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Portugal), Arabic, Russian, Dutch, German
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    * Add new game mode 1: Table 2: Sweep 3: Color Block

White Tiles Pro

Don't step white piano tiles How to play: Do not touch the white block,The name is the play method, don't touch on the white box. So simple game who will play, but no one can play very much! Well, don't believe it?! 21 different models, the absolute spike on the market all the same game, let you never play enough! Classic model: 20,50,100,200, different goals and so you challenge the time limit. Time limit mode: within the stipulated time, more challenges on a. Swivel mode: don't just step on the block, should pay attention to the screen from time to time the rotation of oh. Vibration mode: in danger, you play the input when the screen will shake up and down, to Caution! Candle mode: you need to borrow a candle, to see the road ahead. Take the wrong step, the candle will be dark, when the candle is out...... Reverse mode: front is to walk, this time we do not take the unusual way, to reverse away, you can not go so elated! Hell mode: two levels, three layers, ten layers, six layers, see you can challenge a few layers. Dodge mode: color here will move oh, they will pay attention to escape to another location. Lightning mode: the storm is coming, the sky will be a short time to make you can't see anything, be careful. Roller coaster model: whether you're sitting on a roller coaster, you can experience the speed of a roller coaster ride! Unreal mode: four of the same color, you can tell what is the real goal? Bright spring days: spring is coming, all over the mountains and plains of peach blossom is very beautiful, follow the rhythm of the music to run or walk free! Miles: spring to winter, here under the snow, ice and snow will freeze the target, you need to step on a target! Jin Gubang: walking stick can take temporary setbacks, across the river Parkour: perfectly integrated into the most popular Parkour game mode, experience a different journey rongalit. Circle: you can only drill past from inside the circle. The falling bird bird and white pieces: pixel perfect fusion, everything is so natural, so beautiful. Merry go round: you want to choose the target of different colors. Row and row: encounter a black arrow pointing to the direction of the arrow, the arrow to the direction of the arrow in the direction of the arrow, See how your reaction, a little child abuse oh. Color: the color and color the same color when the target and the coincidence of the click on the screen Characteristic function: 1, a color palette, this function, all Seckill absolute world games, From the black block of the black block, you can free collocation all the colors At the same time, choose a variety of colors, no ceiling 2, the list, a person to play a little bit more boring, then to the top of the list to see it Here is the result of small partners around the world to see who is more powerful! 3, music selection, a dozen different songs, you can freely set their own favorite, or random This is a journey to get rid of the boring time of the game. Maybe you've been planning for a long time, want to travel, if it is to travel abroad, then you need to look ahead, travel Raiders, weather forecast, take a look at the most beautiful weather occurring at above, Many software have the haze weather forecasting capabilities, air quality, grasp of the facts, the wisdom of weather app is good, weather like the palm of his hand, then the next step you need book the train tickets, Airline ticket, if you buy a train ticket, then you can taxi to the railway station, a taxi is not good etc., then use a taxi drops, drops travel the taxi software, very convenient in a cab. Buy plane tickets, then you can go to the net that carry Cheng, where to go to net, Ali travel, travel, some Eastern Airlines and other airlines official website to buy, if you are going abroad, then you also need to download some translation software, Such as Baidu translation, Youdao translation and Baidu map, Google Maps view route, everything is ready, set off, the road began bored time. At this time, you will need to some casual games to pass the time, Large network game is not suitable for you, because the traffic is too expensive and that need to flow the game does not work, these casual puzzle game you can download some such as: don't step on the white pieces 2. This is a "play the piano", "belongs to the music game, Don't love it, you can download Chinese: chess, backgammon, mahjong games, puzzle games, these are very good oh. [children's education, intellectual development] The baby is happy, look at the daily diet of children for their baby and do things like eat, eat is very important, but don't forget the early education of children Oh. Ahead of time to learn a few words of English for children, you may in baby bus, Courbevoie songs to give the baby use, however, that weren't enough, you need to give the baby to play the game, the intellectual development of children is very help Homework help and the lesser apes search problem can also help children improve the learning achievement, from morning till night back word does not work, still need to play games, in the process of playing the game, will benefit a lot. [financial management, assisted Magic] Every day you use Alipay.com, borrow treasure, stocks, financial stocks, and investment, great wisdom, mortgage calculator, bookkeeping, these things financial thinking is not clear how to do?, We tell you that it is to play this game game you need to play your intelligence in order to cross the border, clarify ideas go a step by step, very helpful for your investment All day reading, eyes to rest I will read books, find a pile of chasing book of magic or novel reader to read a book, usually use palm reading reader, see more is the ghost blows lamp, tomb notes and the like E-book is bad for our eyes to see for a long time, because has remained the same color of e-books, so look for a moment and then turn off your Encyclopedia of embarrassments. Easou decimals and Xiaoxiang College, Himalaya, the mountains can't stand it. Play this game, because the game screen color change at any time, on your eye color resolution has the help very much, lest the future as color blindness [this is business people relax artifact] Today's business people are all very busy, some people in the 58 city Ganji, people network, 51job, such as recruitment, Daily needs of the job, rental website does not stop post their own housing rental, find a job and so on. Some business people need in kn, Taobao sellers version sellers moving table on busy orders. Some people use express 100, SF, to check the courier, and scalpers from morning till night with 12306 tickets to grab the king, 360 brush ticket tools reselling tickets, And "tenderness" tried to break through their relationships in the workplace, and in order to work leave no stone unturned to over the wall, and people want to part-time use slide to unlock screen, make meters, pig eight quit to trick treasure like Witkey software. Even when eating to looking to buy nets, want to find some shipping 9.9 things, you always so busy, tired, so you need to can relax the body and mind of the recreational game, This game is very suitable for you, other such as: Crazy fault - Belle of handsome young man TV series finding fault, which includes pretty girls and handsome boys, TV series, four main categories of HD picture of finding fault game and support the original download, Play angry birds is also good, and Tetris! Here elimination game is also good! Tired of playing, you can find takeaway Oh, takeaway you can choice: hungry, baidu takeaway, United States Mission takeaway, KFC, Starbucks , McDonald's, word of mouth, recipes, Amoy little bit, these are very good reputation site [this is the application of mobile phone essential artifact] Mobile games are currently popular, men, women and children will play games, so the pocket installed a few fun games is necessary! Games are the types of software in addition to mobile phone application software such as music and video players, mobile TV, various magnetic paste file manager, office tools lens and 360 mobile guards. Mobile games including large-scale online games (Games of this type include: spend thousands of bone, the glory of the king, happy to eliminating the music, dream of the Three Kingdoms, landlords, crossing the line of fire, Monument Valley, cool running every day. Long live the hero, joy landlords, super storm, tribal conflict, rhythm master, my world, fire music, ball war, Empire tower defense, love every day to eliminate, elope to the Three Kingdoms, the Jin Yong's heroes, national godlike, hearthstone, League of legends, fishing, universal gunfight). This type of game is your money, every night dozens of minutes, feeling quite worth. We still recommend that you play our casual games. Single small game includes (don't tread on rongalit full mode, princess dress up, carousel, creative coloring, single plank bridge - the bridge to cross a river, crazy cut fruit, find your sister Cut the rope, ski adventure, puzzle game, contra, piano 2, room escape, secret garden). Don't play these boring when money and casual games, they are very adorable fun, waiting for you to bring them home. These games often update, and update daily a lot of money, you can download free and no network can play, all good games in your pocket! Foreign friends [girlfriend] weapon Curtilage male and female men, don't at home watching Japanese love action movie the, Suren AV actress and our, AOI old wet could not become your life a sexual partner,

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21 May 2017

It's a fun game but this black box keep popping up for a ad every time I play


2 March 2017



11 February 2017

******* cool as ****


20 January 2017

This year is going to be able bodied men are created and maintained that would make my life in prison or something like that one person I can't resist is a very lovely man here is that very lovely man I'm in love ❤ with you and were both single,so now we can get married 💑.


16 January 2017

I love so much


6 January 2017

This app has soooo many different types of things not just one.


24 December 2016

Cool games just bet high score


11 December 2016

I love this game


29 November 2016

The Ads pop up in the middle of the screen and you can't close them?


24 November 2016

It's preety ok:P

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