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  • Category: Security
  • Published by: Drive Headquarters Inc ?
  • Size: 10.9 MB
  • Permissions:
    • Access your Internet connection
    • Access your home or work networks
    • Use your webcam
    • Use your microphone
    • Use your video library
  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English (United States)
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  • Notes:
    * Optimized for Windows 10. - Supports front or back webcam. - Supports both image and video/audio recording. - Supports quiet mode recording. The screen can be turned off when it is recording. - Fixed a bug that stops recording when the computer goes to sleep. Now when the app is running, the computer will no longer enter the sleep mode.

Webcam Security Camera

It is NOT just an app, it is a real Security Service for Home and Business. This app can use your webcam as a network security camera. It supports the built-in webcam or an external webcam to monitor your home or business. Webcam Security Camera can keep recording and uploading the data to CameraFTP.com cloud storage. You can view / playback the recorded footage from anywhere at any time. Compared with other security cameras/DVRs, this is the easiest and most affordable way to setup your home / business security and monitoring system; it is also more secure than regular security systems. A regular CCTV/DVR system stores the recorded data locally. If the system is destroyed, you lose all recorded data. Standard IP cameras don't include any storage, so you will need to use cloud based FTP storage. CameraFTP offers not only cloud-based storage, but also many advanced features, such as web browser-based player, and Camera Viewer apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. CameraFTP is the leading Cloud Surveillance and Recording service provider. Our service works with all IP cameras that support FTP (most IP / network cameras do support FTP). You don't need to order any expensive proprietary cameras; you can even use webcams, smart phones and tablets as your security cameras. The service starts at only $1.50/month vs. other security services usually start at $30/month. CameraFTP is a subsidiary of DriveHQ.com. Based in Silicon Valley, DriveHQ is the first Enterprise Cloud IT service provider with over 2.5 million users.


  • Makes your webcam a network security camera;
  • Supports motion detection and motion recording;
  • Records images or videos to the cloud; intruders cannot delete your recorded footage;
  • Can record continuously;
  • Support front, back and external webcams;
  • Live view or playback from any devices or web browsers.

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13 June 2017

The "Free" camera software is just a Con to get people to use their paid service. Don't know if the service is good but if they have to con us to get us to try it, then that could be a bad sign.


27 January 2017

Must pay for monthly service


21 January 2017

pros: super easy, records to the cloud, true video & audio recording. Cons: no night vision.


28 December 2016

Not free at all. REQUIRES at least $1.50/mo. Ignore the garbage response from company. It is NOT free even for 2 minutes.


23 December 2016

Need to pay in order to use it. Stupid.


2 December 2016

I like both this app and the viewer app. Too many users are spoiled to complain a real security surveillance service that isn't free. Anyway, the app and the service are professional.


22 November 2016

I have a dlink camera, it is not very easy to setup for cloud recording. This app is certainly easier as you just need to sign up. Sure it would be better if the cloud service is free, but no complaints, I got the camera free by using an old laptop.


10 November 2016

bs marketing/info once you install it requires a monthly fee. 0/10 do not use


9 November 2016



9 October 2016

this is not free. i was looking for something to view my webcam with, this is not the product i was looking for

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