War Tank City Attack 3D - Frontline Army Assault

Ready to fight the military tank battle? Feel yourself as an army commando survivor having a panzer tank in the battle against enemy war tanks and gunship helicopters. It is an epic tank city war between tanks and helicopters with furious attacks over your enemy. The battle field is filled with enemy soldiers, army tanks, helicopters, enemy bases and towers. Come out of your territory with gunner blazing over your enemy. You are the lead in this defense battle against enemy troops. You have your tank equipped with gunner missiles and armor shields. An exciting tank battle awaits for you to fight for you army survivor. Experience exciting and challenging gameplay missions of tank attacks. Take control of your gunner tank and fight against enemy troops. Destroy helicopters, apache, tank gunships and armed soldiers. The game offers guided missiles, highly optimized zoom and target auto locking. MISSION 1: Enemy has taken control over the battle field. Move forward and take out the enemy. MISSION 2: The main control is not too far, but to reach there you must clear the area with your tank. MISSION 3: Enemy has called for a backup with apache helicopters. Destroy them all. MISSION 4: You are in the center of the battle field surrounded by the enemy. Time to prove your army skills. MISSION 5: Time to finish what you started. Pick up the fight against enemy Generals and high profile officials. Take them out and let their blood dissolve in the sands.

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6 March 2016

I love it