U.S. Constitution

With all the scandals hitting Washington recently, its more important than ever to read your constitution. This is the most important political document in the United States as it sets the framework of enumerated powers of the federal government. So sit down and read the constitution of the United States of America. It is truly an amazing and timeless document. As an added bonus, we include zoom-able, high resolution copies of the historical documents so you can touch history. We decided to offer this app without ads because we, at Silver Dollar Software, think the U.S. Constitution deserves that kind of respect. We applaud the entrepreneurial spirit but some human achievements are above commercialization. In our humble opinion, the U.S. Constitution fits into that category. Happy reading, God Bless America!


  • Browse the articles of the constitution, the bill of rights, and the ammendments
  • Read with easy with our column, paged layout
  • View ultra high definition images of the historical documents

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7 December 2016

Includes Constitution, Bill of Rights, and all subsequent amendments. No advertisements! Jim


7 November 2016

Loses most credibility when something that huge is misspelled.


28 October 2016

Should be loaded on every computer, tablet, or mobile in America.


6 September 2016



6 August 2016

Would love to see this become a UWP app!


14 April 2016

No spin!! The true document as intended!


8 April 2016

Thank you! This is exactly what I need to teach my Grandkids


25 March 2016

I am glad that I got this app because I can read and understand the law. Its great. I love it. Thanks


11 December 2015

I have used this app many times for school work and personal discussions. The format is user friendly, and the design is clean and respectful. Included is a scrollable picture of the actual document, displaying the actually signatures and dates. The fact that there are no ads popping up and covering the screen is a nice touch too.


14 November 2015

Everyone in the country needs to download and read this.

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