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  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
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    * Update Content: V2.0 - No more in-game ads and forget the gas limitations! - New York campaign included - Special missions are now rewarding with cash instead of gas - Get the new 3 achievements and win 100 G's more! V1.3 - Minor bug fix

Trucking 3D! Construction Delivery Simulator

Get ready for a challenging parking sim adventure in different map locations, as you drive, park and deliver construction materials. What will you find in Trucking 3D? - 3D high-quality graphics - Test your parking skills in Alaska and Chicago, and many other realistic locations - 42 levels to play, including 6 special missions - 4 types of game-play: Normal campaign, time trial, maximum score in a limited time, chasing mode. But don't forget the special mode, where you drive special vehicles like a construction truck, an ambulance, a fireman truck, or even towing a plane! - Many upgrades and exciting achievements to gain only completing a percentage of the game, playing the secret missions, or mastering a hard gameplay, doing perfect jobs in perfect time. All along the Trucking 3D adventure you will have to prove your truck driving skills in various conditions. Some of the levels will only require you deliver materials to the construction site, while others will add to your quest, by giving you the opportunity to cash in on some bonus time points. Other levels will have you follow a big truck ahead of you, to test your ability to follow directions exactly as told. Rewards and achievements will add to the fun of your missions, while upgrades from pick-up trucks to lorry trucks and even big trailers, American trucks will help you go from one level to another with great success. Grab your driving gloves and get ready for Trucking 3D! Earn in-game XBOX achievements to prove your awesomeness. Check out http://gametroopers.net for more games about to be released!

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5 March 2017

Love Xbox keep those achievements coming


13 February 2017

dcghhvcffhgjykulkhjgfhjhjhkgvhvhmjgjfhdgsdhdrty;ltiylfkmghnvhbngfhurjgvvhmhnfghjhbmnvcfdtyhjgfdgh = give more time


7 February 2017

me gusta muchooooo


28 January 2017

I love the game


20 November 2016



13 November 2016



31 October 2016

Vehicle's have very less control and time is too short to get in to the way with the uncontrollable steering wheel. Please fix it so as to get a better steering balance.


30 October 2016

Just don't give you enough time on the clock


21 October 2016

So I buy this game. $10. I have no problem with that. Game is fun, controls fit the challenge, environments have a neat visual construction. In the game are "special" levels that you can replay for extra in game cash to upgrade your vehicles. These levels are locked behind microstransactions! There are 9 special levels and each one cost $1. So even though I "bought" the game, there are still locked levels. These levels are not in new areas, or off to the side. They are inline, actual levels. For example, in Alaska I have access to levels 6 and 8 but need to pay a dollar to play level 7. Unbelievable.


3 October 2016


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