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    * VERSION 1.8.8 - Bug reported crashes - Visual update VERSION 1.8.5 - Bug fixes VERSION 1.8.1 - Full support for Windows Phone resolutions - Transparent live tile - Sharing improvements

Trivia Buff

Did you know that the color orange was named after the fruit? This and many other trivia facts on your live tile, updated daily. All facts are verified and have a corresponding article. Share the amazing facts with your friends or save for later. The content is provided by reddit's 'Today I Learned' users. If you would like to use a full featured reddit client, we recommend Baconit FEATURES: - Inexhaustible supply of trivia facts, updated daily - Live tile shows trivia through the day - All trivia facts have verified sources - Share via email or social networks - Save trivia facts to your favorites The app is supported by a single ad on the bottom of the screen. Please contact dapper.panda@gmail.com for feature requests or questions.

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26 June 2017

This is great when you just want to pass time with fun and interesting stuff... Not to mention, sometimes you can win at jeopardy or trivial pursuit... 😀


7 May 2017

What a waste of space and time.


2 May 2017

So much fun!😊


23 April 2017

Good app. Few left for wp


22 April 2017

It's not a game . Just stupid random things that don't mean anything


18 April 2017

The pieces of information displayed in app do not always reflect the source information. For example, I just read one that states, "56% of Americans believe Adam and Eve were real people." The article source however covers a very broad range of creation topics and explains discrepancies in factoids like the 1 above vs the data gathered in some recent studies. Read the source material and pay attention to the source and any biases within.


9 March 2017

I love this app & use it constantly. I find myself actually remembering the info & love to share. And it has references!


4 March 2017

Does what it says...maybe even better than it says.


1 March 2017

Cool facts!😃


27 February 2017

Awesome app

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