Tomatime timer is a simple timer application. It works also on Windows Mobile, it's an Universal Application. Tomatime helps you focus on your work activities (or Pomodoro's), and track tasks or breaks duration with great speed and ease-of-use. Particular suitable for software development tasks, but it's useful in all situations (e.g. studying). Here's how it works: 1. Start your activity 2. Take a short break. 3. Get back to work and start the timer again. 4. Every four activity, take a longer break. With tomatime you can set the activity and break durations, in minutes. The “Pomodoro Technique®” and “Pomodoro®” are registered trademarks by Francesco Cirillo. Tomatime isn't affiliated with Francesco Cirillo.


  • pomodoro technique timer
  • track activity and breaks
  • activity counter
  • task duration tracking

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27 June 2017

Over the course of a couple weeks, I found I could not rely on tomatime to do its job; the app would constantly and consistently crash while I was using it, and reopening the app would start my timers fresh, as if they'd never been touched. Not recommended.


15 June 2017

I didn't recieve any audio notification after the first cycle until I opened the window again - I do visually intensive tasks so it's easy to miss the little notification when I'm concentrating on the other side of the screen. That and the fact that I have to manually start each timer makes this as useful as just setting timers using the Windows default clock app...except the default app actually has working timer alarms.


11 June 2017



9 June 2017

Dont like the adds


2 June 2017

Working at home can lead to long uninterupted sessions. This can cause strain and fatigue. I use this timer to break up the day. Every 15 min break I switch to standing/sitting depending on where I was. Works really well to maintain concentration and health.


26 May 2017

Used it for a couple hours. First hour was great, but then it shut itself off in the middle of my third work session.


23 May 2017

It works just as I hope, simple is the best


22 May 2017

Would be better if a reset button were provided so that I can start a new round after lunch break, rather than exit and start a gain


20 May 2017

It's perfect!


8 May 2017

It does one thing, does it well, and doesn't do any half baked task management or integrate with 500 different cloud services. If your after a simple Pomodoro timer, this is your app. However, it is too simple in one key area, which keeps ne from giving it five stars. If you forget to start a break, you can't just advance to the next task and get going again. You have to either start over (and lose all progress towards your long break), or sit through the short break timer. PS - The "super intrusive banner add" that "dominates" the app only takes up a small space in the top right of the app. It's the price of free without giving up all your personal information for data mining.

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