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    * What's New] V 2.1.2 -- Toast Notification Layout modification V 2.1.1 -- Hidden easter egg, can you find it? V 2.1.0 -- Kill your boredom, get a random word to learn today! Go to the app bar and choose "random word" -- Bug fixes

Today's Word

"It’s a simple app and we really like it. We highly recommend pinning it to your home screen" - WPCentral Over 5000 downloads in the first day of release! Learn a new word, every day! We learn hundreds of words every year while we were child, as we grow old, we don't have time to learn words in the vocabulary and look for those which we don’t know yet. With TODAY'S WORD, you don't have to open the dictionary and find a new word to learn. Just open this app and you will be given the word of the day. Yesterday's word is also available in case you missed it, and you can also look further into the future by looking at Tomorrow's word! Each of the word will have the definition, pronunciation both text and sound, and the origin. LIVE TILES! See Today's Word in the live tiles, along with the definition. FEATURES: - Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow Word - Definitions - Examples - Sound (some words) - Text Pronunciation (some words) - Origin of the word - Share today word as Text or Image - Favorite, History (30 days back) - Pin word to start - Lock Screen Notification & Background - Toast Notification & Custom Sound Notification - Live Tiles - Transparent tiles (Great for Windows Phone 8.1)

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25 June 2017

It is good but the tile could work better


12 June 2017

Would like daily alerts as reminder to see word.


9 June 2017

Very educational.


29 May 2017

Great app. I check it every day and you can turn on a notification to have it remind you if you want.


18 May 2017

Love it


10 May 2017

Terrific way to learn new words


13 April 2017

Great app!


1 March 2017

Alot of words


19 February 2017

Dose what it claims


9 February 2017

Love this! Gives me new words to use in my writing.

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