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  • Permissions:
    • Use your contacts
    • Use your device network services
    • Use any of your Windows Phone sensors
    • Access your browser
    • Use an anonymous Microsoft account
    • Use your phone
    • Use your maps
  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English (United States), Finnish, Italian, Russian, Spanish
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***** Microsoft’s AppCampus Award. ***** Microsoft’s App Awards 2014 nominee. A must-have app for productivity Hero! TidyPage is a brand-new life-organizing and productivity app that allows you to place text notes, links, images, contacts, lists and more on one page. TidyPage frees you from remembering how different pieces of information are connected to each other. You will finally see the big picture. TidyPage is better than note-taking and simpler than project management app. With TidyPage you’ll never think again that being organized is boring and tedious. What can you accomplish using TidyPage? * Organize your information by joining relevant notes, bookmarks, pictures, documents, todo lists and more, in a context * Find your information easily with a convenient full-text search and colorful labels * Make your pages follow your daily life by commenting on anything in real-time * Increase your productivity and efficiency. 5 reasons why you'll love TidyPage: * You’ll find TidyPage practical and enjoyable * You can always save information for later and at once focus on the topic at hand * You’ll be able to empty your head from things you need to remember or keep track on and pin them on your Windows Phone * You can use the same TidyPage for home and office and have the convenience of keeping everything in one place * You’ll hand over the tricky task of keeping context to TidyPage and enjoy the feeling that everything is in place and in order. Download TidyPage now and get first-hand experience! This application may require Internet connection and data transfer charges may apply.

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18 November 2015

Super and simple apps👌


13 June 2015

Лучшие путевые заметки для Nokia


7 June 2015

Great App to manage notes, ideas, stuff and etc. But, no updates are killing the app.


24 January 2015

Very nice app, a date/deadline option would be great too


14 January 2015

I think it's a neat idea, but it appears to be unfinished. It's supposed to be a note-taking app with a twist, but it's not twisting in the right direction. In form, it's a simple webpage editor where you drop in elements in a linear manner. You can add images, checklists, contacts, links, and other objects, which is great. Unfortunately, it goes nowhere. It's stuck on the device when it seems that you should be able to post it somewhere. If it were done right, it could have been a creative new take on personal blogging. Too bad, really. I like it.


16 December 2014

Innovative concept & very cool but without cloud backup of data, no app updates in a year and a completely unresponsive developer who in their right mind would want to keep notes here?


7 December 2014

Не нашел возможности работы с контактами, хотя в описании об этом написано. Нет возможности работы с календарем.


4 December 2014



3 December 2014

Very nice, has a ton of potential.


28 November 2014

Nice apps

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