The Red Button

Try to find out what secrets keeps the red button, why it is needed and why it says "Do NOT press!". Feachers: + Fascinating story, which does not let you get bored + Support WP7 и WP8 + English and Russian language Changes in * bug fixes

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5 July 2017

I wanna hate this but i loved that theres a twist ending


19 June 2017

Love it! Too much fun. great idea.


28 May 2017

Really cool fun game I love it


9 May 2017

O my god this game is hilarious me and my friend laughed so hard !


22 April 2017

Great,at the beginning it was very hard not to touch the button but after a while it turned to twice a day. The key role is not to touch the red button at all, Once you pressed one time there is no way out. When you look out you don't see in...enjoy. ⚫


13 March 2017

I am obsessed with this me and my brother can't stop laughing!!!😂😂👍 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆😂😂😂


5 March 2017

Português por favor


3 March 2017

Awesome and COOL!!!!!


5 February 2017

All you do is press. The stupid button


30 January 2017

It was fun until i finished the words programed for it to say

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