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The Onion

----- full description ----- ! Live Tile Enabled ! CAUTION: This app has been known to distract you from just about anything. Don't use while driving. Wait, what? It's not real news? If you're a fan of The Onion, get your daily fix of breaking news, video, radio-news and more in this streamlined app - with the most current headline of your choice delivered via Live Tile. Did you LOL at the article about the area cat that sued over being sent to the doghouse? Save it for later, post it on facebook, or email it to a friend quickly and easily. try it. it's free. you know you want it. the onion app for wp7 so. many. layers. 20 Jan - v2.2 * All versions are now just called "The Onion" in your app list. It's nicer. * better pan/zoom of images in news article page (still beta) * ability to configure background image (more images coming - send us your suggestions) * various feeds now working again, including in-app video! 22 Nov - v2.1 * added clock on main panorama so you know what time it is * fixed crash when tapping "What's New?" * can now pan/zoom image on news article page (beta) 16 Nov - v2.0 * updated for Mango (Windows Phone 7.5) * now supports Fast Application Switching * correctly shows apostrophe's that used to look garbled * article images post correctly on facebook in more cases now 7 aug - v1.19 * tiles on the 'more' hub now respond to taps (they animate) * poll results page now sizes and scrolls correctly 7 july - v1.18 * fixed a bug where, if you turned off some panorama panels, refreshing data wouldn't always work (i.e. you wouldn't see new videos, radio, etc.) * added twitter support for sharing news articles More update history available in the app (other | what's new), or at http://www.crazy-hot.com/onion/updates.aspx

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6 July 2017

Installed, but never loads any stories


8 February 2017



26 January 2017

They wanted a review, so here it is. I've hardly ever used this app, so I can't say anything about it, good or bad. This is my standard review for apps that make me write a review.


20 January 2017



16 January 2017

Love your work.


9 January 2017

You're a bunch of jerks


26 December 2016

Best site for political news and current events to keep family safe.


19 December 2016

I love the onion!


16 December 2016

App doesn't work anymore.


3 December 2016

No words can describe the disappointment I have right now....

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