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    * KNOWN KASPERSKY ANTIVIRUS ISSUE *** Certain Kaspersky antivirus products MAY automatically block Text Desk from connecting to the internet. You MUST manually configure Kaspersky to fully trust Text Desk. We are working with Kaspersky to address this issue. If you experience ANY issues with Text Desk please give our talented support staff a chance to validate your Text Desk configuration BEFORE posting any negative reviews. Simply fill out the feedback form on our website. It's quick and painless. Text Desk for Windows 10 requires the FREE Text Desk companion Android app that runs on your smart phone (running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or later). It can be downloaded for FREE from the Google Play Store. What's new in version 1. A completely redesigned user interface and experience. 2. Users can now submit valuable feedback about Text Desk directly in the app. 3. Users will automatically receive important notifications from our support staff (app updates, services outages, etc.). 4. Frequently asked questions are now available directly in the app. 5. App settings and preferences are now automatically synced across devices. 6. Live tile updates and popup notifications can now be turned on and off directly in the app. 7. Support for all live tile sizes. 8. All your conversations, text messages, and contact pictures can now be backed up and restored at any time across devices.

Text Desk

Send and receive text messages from your Windows 10 PCs and tablets using your Android smart phone as a gateway. System Requirements Text Desk for Windows requires a Windows 10 or newer PC (desktop, laptop or tablet) and an Android powered smart phone running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or later. You MUST download and run Text Desk on both your devices. You can download Text Desk for Android for FREE from the Google Play store. What is Text Desk? We believe your time, productivity and intellectual focus are very important while you are diligently working at your PC. Various interruptions can sometimes lower your productivity level and hinder your focus. Text Desk aims to help you stay focused on your current task while maintaining your current level of productivity. Text Desk conveniently brings text messages sent to your smart phone right to your PC. At our office, we work on our PCs all day. We get tired of having to stop what we are doing, pickup our phone, unlock it, navigate to the text messaging app, read the message, optionally reply to the message, put the phone back down, and then go back to what we were working on. With Text Desk running on your Android smart phone and your Windows PC, a brief, friendly notification automatically pops up on your PC screen when you receive a text message on your smart phone. This allows you to briefly glance at the message and optionally reply to the message right from your PC without ever touching your phone. If you really value your time, productivity and focus, Text Desk is for you! How does Text Desk Work? When you receive a text message on your smart phone, Text Desk forwards your message to the cloud. From the cloud, your message is pushed to your paired Windows PC and a pop-up notification appears on your PC screen. When you reply to a text message from your PC, or send a new text message from your PC, Text Desk forwards your message back to the cloud. From the cloud, your message is pushed to your smart phone and then sent from your smart phone to the appropriate recipient like a normal text message. Why is Text Desk Different? We truly believe that the sensitive information on your smart phone should be kept as safe as possible on your device and NOT in the cloud. We developed Text Desk because we were very unhappy with the fact that our competitors store all your personal information in the cloud. That means all your contacts, their mobile phone numbers, and every text message you send and receive is stored in the cloud. We DO NOT permanently store any contact information, text messages, or any other personal information about you in the cloud! If you are truly concerned about your privacy and adamant about protecting your sensitive data, Text Desk is for you! No Personal Information Required! Text Desk is all about your privacy and protecting your data. You are NOT forced to setup any sort of an "account" with us. We DO NOT require your mobile phone number, name, email, or Facebook login to use Text Desk. The ONLY information we store about you in the cloud is a few bits of anonymous information about your paired devices so we can direct incoming and outgoing text messages to the correct recipients. No Browser Based Texting! We believe in providing you the best user experience possible. That's why all our Text Desk apps are built with tools specifically designed for the platform you are using. While browser based solutions do have certain advantages, we feel like those advantages are geared more toward US as an app maker rather than YOU the app consumer. If you want to enjoy the best user experience possible while texting from your PC, Text Desk is for you!


  • Send and receive text messages from your Windows PCs and tablets using your Android smart phone as a gateway.
  • Send text messages from your PC or tablet to any of your Outlook.com, Live.com, Hotmail, MSN, Exchange, Google, or iCloud contacts.
  • Get "live tile" and pop up toast notifications on your PC or tablet when you receive a text message on your phone.
  • NO PERSONAL INFORMATION REQUIRED! We do NOT require a single bit of personal information to use Text Desk. No account setup, no mobile phone number, email address, Facebook, or Twitter needed!
  • Send and receive text messages from multiple Windows PCs and tablets simultaneously.

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10 June 2017

Stops working when text is sent. I could have opted for the free app. I downloaded it guess I will go try it. How do I get a refund?


5 June 2017

I went to this app because i wanted a way to save my texts without using the pro service from other phone/desktop text vendors. This was only a flat $2.99 as opposed $4.99 a month from the other vendors. Well those other vendor supported MMS as well as syncing your text from phone and desktop. This app works ok when the desktop is the sender. It will send the text and I can see the response from my contact. However when I use my phone and send a text, the desktop does not see my text that I sent. The other vendors had no issue with this. I'll keep looking for a reasonable priced phone/desktop app. So be careful if you decide to buy this and it doesn't meet your needs. You do not get a refund. :(


2 June 2017

Pros: You will get the nicest display in your windows 10 computer than any other app. You can have customization of photos and messages. The backgrounds are a nice touch and looks awesome on my tiles. Cons: You manually have to input every conversation in to make it looks as nice. It does not import your contacts and contact's pictures. It falls short. They don't want to save your in for but the very least it should be able to transfer to your PC. MySMS is more practical even when they charge you 9.95 a year. At least in this aspect you can complain more and get them incentive to change. One time buy, leaves low incentive. How to improve: You are already the prettiest app out there. But as of convenience and practicality of the free version of mysms has you beat. Allow synchronization, multimedia, and contact information. Then you will for sure be the best app.


28 May 2017

I would like for it to link to my cell phone to send texts.


19 April 2017

Just wish the app would work as a share target. Also it looks like a Windows 8 Metro app that only got half upgraded to the Windows 10 UWP look.


12 April 2017

I don't get all of my texts but for the most part it works well


21 March 2017

it stop pairing with my cell even know it say that it is stiller paired with it


28 October 2016

I ended up removing all my txting apps, in hopes of seeing received txts with this app., but I can only send from my computer. I think it is because my work phone requires me to have Google Hangouts, and the troubleshooting states I shouldn't have any other txting apps. for this to work. Screw this app!


1 September 2016

Just the way I like my apps: simple and cheap. My only complaint is that it cannot receive MMS messages at this point in time. Also, you can't use emojis when on a desktop but that's a minor detail. All around pretty content. Using a Galaxy S6 and a Dell laptop


25 July 2016

I've been using Text Desk for a couple of years. Don't have to watch cell while working. Highly recommended!

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