THE AWARD WINNING BLOCKBUSTER – ALL NEW FOR WINDOWS PHONE! Enjoy hours of timeless fun in Marathon Mode or keep it fresh with up to 12 exciting TETRIS® variations. Enabled for Xbox LIVE®, the official TETRIS® game for Windows Phone is an absolute essential! XBOX LIVE ENABLED! SEE HOW YOU STACK UP! Use your existing Xbox LIVE Gamertag or create a new one via the Windows Phone main menu to track achievements and access leaderboards. • TRACK UP TO 11 ACHIEVEMENTS – Acquire a total of 11 achievements and score up to 200 Gamerpoints. • SEE HOW YOU RANK AGAINST FRIENDS – Check out various leaderboards to see where your high scores place against friends on the Xbox LIVE network. TEST YOUR SKILLS! PERFORM STUNTS! MAKE MILESTONES! Enjoy fun TETRIS variations like ORIGIN, TREADMILL or GRAVITY. Play and unlock up to 12 variations by performing TETRIS achievements like making four TETRIS Line Clears in one game or clearing 400 lines. Complete all the feats and open up RADICAL – the hardest and fastest version of the TETRIS game EVER! CATCH THE PLAY OF THE WORLD’S BEST AND TRACE YOUR OWN PROGRESS, TOO Check out the PRO TRAINER to see how the world’s best TETRIS gamers play -- and improve your own game in the process. Easily view the feats you’ve achieved, plus see your stats and scores. Become a true master of the TETRIS game! By purchasing and/or using this application, you agree to the terms of the End User License Agreement and EA's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. (http://www.eamobile.com/windowsphone7/eula/).

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5 November 2016

I like tetris the game. But this tetris has no sounds heard when blocks are dropped, the controls are difficult easy to make mistakes. Liked the old game boy tetris the original and add Qwerty navigation key to Lumia phones. Without touch, use push button style control this will also help with scrolling web pages up and down, and will prevent from accidentally touching a link by mistake. Thank you.


24 October 2016

Pay money for this??? Moving back to iphone


24 September 2016

I got the trial version so I can see how the game remote the original. It let me drop a few blocks and ends the game asking me to buy the full game. The longest I have played was less than two minutes.


30 June 2016

But it should be free !


22 May 2016

Is the app broken or is there really no sfx? There's music but anything over free-99c for the game is a ripoff. Better off grabbing an emulator and rom if you really wanted a Tetris run.


29 February 2016

There is no quick drop without the simulated thumb sticks. So if you don't swipe directly exactly ******* perfectly plum strait gravitationally down the piece moves over one space from where you want it. No custom controls?? This is an epidemic. It's the 21st century, do I HAVE to own a PC to customize my controls


18 February 2016

It's a shame to make people pay for this **** version! It sucks


2 January 2016

Helps kill time


4 November 2015



27 September 2015


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