Sweet'N'Spicy is the largest collection of Indian Foods and Recipes powered by fullmeals.com. Sweet'N'Spicy has more than 6500+ recipes and 1200+ video recipes spread across three major categories Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian to Vegan. All the information has been organized and cataloged so that we can relate the recipes by Categories, Foods, and Ingredients. The App also feature the first Calorie calculation engine for Indian recipes.


  • You can browse through all the Categories, Sub Categories and find recipes in each of them.
  • Find the List of Ingredients, Instructions for each recipe along with previous user comments
  • Search Recipes by Food Name, Category, Cooking Time etc.
  • Discover interesting and relevant cooking tips along each recipe.
  • Organize your favorite recipes in My Favorites.
  • Checkout Reviews section to figure out what others do in Sweet'N'Spicy.
  • Rate and review recipes with pictures.
  • My Kitchen feature which lets you to find out the matching recipes with the ingredients in hand.
  • Personalize entire app with your diet constraints
  • Ask Questions - answered by Experts

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23 April 2017

Like the layout


11 March 2017



12 February 2017

Very good site. I live with some no food is hot enough for me type people. Maybe I can make something to satisfy them. :)


21 January 2017

great recipes.


23 August 2016

this very good


14 June 2016

very good app


3 June 2016

Pictures need to be better and food that is more relatabe


16 May 2016

it has everything I need to conquer the kitchen, and guides accordingly to every recipe provided!


21 February 2016

love everything about it.


6 December 2015

I try lot of apps. I wasn't much hopeful to find some thing of use on Microsoft store because there are so few developer focused on mobile at MS. This happens to feature rich and very well designed app. I recommend to anyone who has interest in Indian cooking.

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