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  • Category: Social
  • Published by: FOURSQUARE LABS
  • Permissions:
    • Access your Internet connection and act as a server.
    • Use your location
    • Use your pictures library
    • Use your contacts
  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English (United States), Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Korean, German, Catalan
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    * Wait for it… Wait for it… • The leaderboard is back! Compete with your friends to see who’s having the most interesting week. Every check-in will earn you coins. You’ll get more coins when you check in with friends, become the Mayor, extend streaks… and more! Finish near the top of your leaderboard to earn sweet prizes. Remember, taunting your friends is encouraged... “O’Doyle Rules!” • Tons of stability improvements and bug fixes


“Swarm turns every day into a game! Earn prizes and compete with friends based on the places you go. See when your friends are hanging out nearby, so you never miss out on the fun!” • Check in to earn prizes, and compete with friends to see who’s having the best week on the leaderboard. Finish near the top to earn sweet bonuses! • Think you’re a local? Then try to earn the title of “Mayor” at your favorite spots. But be careful, others will be coming for your crown. • Keep track of where you’ve been and who you’ve hung out with. After you check in we’ll show you interesting little insights like: “That’s 5 weeks in a row at bars!” or “That’s your 25th time hanging out with Courtney!” • Want to meet up with friends? Just open Swarm to see who’s hanging out nearby. Have a better idea? Quickly message your friends to make plans and meet up.

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5 July 2017

I want to use my coins.


7 May 2017

Adding pictures doesn't work. When choosing from the library, recent pictures won't show.


11 April 2017

Check-ins work. Coins can be earned, but there is no way to spend them. This is a pale imitation of the Android version. This app is the bare minimum.


7 April 2017

Can't see what the stickers do or upgrade them.


6 March 2017

I'm happy that we have an app that mostly works on Windows Phone. However, the mayor game does NOT play the same on Windows Phone as it does on Android. Here I am, racking up coins that had no use... and when I moved over to Android, suddenly, it's "Your Commuter Sticker needs an upgrade!" and "Your Baggs Sticker needs an upgrade!" It would explain why a certain person on my leaderboard would come and rocket past me on Sundays -- getting a 3x bonus for checking in somewhere once a week along with your other check-ins is kind of unbalanced. You also cannot add venues via the Windows Mobile app, which sucks when you're visiting a brand new place that just opened.


12 February 2017

Support Windows 10


20 January 2017

Privacy settings cannot be changed in this application for some reason. Does not matter if connected via an LTE or WiFi connection.


13 January 2017

Why yes it does! Please fix, this garbage, crashy, worthless piece of code. Try to add a pic: Crash! Try to check in: Crash! Just have it up running on your phone, doing NOTHING: Crash! Are you hiring coders? You should be!


12 January 2017

Its long time that you havend pay attention to swarm users in windows mobile platform ! Its not as well as android or ios swarm app . It need a very big update to be perfect as ios swarm app . Pleas pay attention 🙏🏽


2 December 2016

After spending ten minutes trying to find out how to check in to a place, I'm uninstalling. Isn't that the whole point of this stupid thing?

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