Sudoku is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. Now from Newspapers to Windows Phone practice your skills anywhere. - Randomly generated levels of different complexity - Unique solution for each level. All the levels are generated randomly and each generated puzzle will have a unique solution. - Note taking functionality you can take notes in the puzzle. - 5 Levels of difficulty - Support resuming the game from the same place you left last time - Gets Hints for the Grid box - Level based Best Scores and Over-All best score - Level based Best Time - Total Game Time - Un-limited Trial Period - Added a Theme page to customize the Game themes - Background image can be changed - Tile Colors and Sudoku Grid Box Text Color can be changed - Cool animations - Game Mode selection v2.2 -added one more page to select Game Mode - Guru Mode all levels are available to play - Fresher Mode levels will be unlocked incrementally based on games won


  • Sudoku with your Style
  • Sudoku with a difference (5 levels, resuming app, hints, level based scores)

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8 May 2017

I enjoy them challenges the game presents.


9 March 2017

You need to be able to put small digits in a square even if the square can't be that number. You are limited to three small digits for each square.


28 February 2017

Can not place more than 3 pencil marks per square


13 February 2017

Love the fact that it's timed and allows you to select the number from the chart rather than the keyboard.


3 February 2017

Scoring doesn't mean that much to me. I would prefer seeing how long it takes to complete a puzzle. Competing against the clock is of more interest to me. I like strategizing over completing a puzzle.


8 January 2017

I like everything about it, i.e. colors, grids, fonts.


13 December 2016

Excellent time waste with great clear graphics, makes you think


10 December 2016



2 December 2016

takes a little getting use to picking empty box first, but not a problem


22 November 2016

Weightage or credit point is not right 1 priority is given to time 2 priority should be given to mistake with time.

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