Sudoku Mix

Sudoku Mix is a beautiful sudoku game with 5 different game modes and over 1000 levels. Sudoku Mix features a smooth and simple interface. The 5 different game modes each with 4 different difficulties will challenge all skill levels. Sudoku Mix includes a quick save and resume feature so you never have to worry about losing your progress. Full instructions with sample puzzle for each game mode help you discover sudoku variants that will captivate and challenge you. Game Modes: - Regular Sudoku - Quick Sudoku - Jigsaw Sudoku (Irregular Sudoku) - KenKen or Calcudoku - Futoshiki 600 levels are free with optional in-app purchases to get more levels.


  • 1100 Levels
  • 5 Different Sudoku Game Variations
  • Game and Data Syncing accross all windows devices!
  • Support for All Resolutions and Screen Orientations
  • Purchase Syncing with Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1
  • Support for Keyboard Input

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8 June 2017



23 May 2017

I love the variety and the clean lines of the game. I really enjoy that you can start out with fewer numbers like 6x6 instead of 9x9. Here are the things that would make this a 5 star game for me: - add the ability to make notes (must have for the more difficult levels) - make the player added numbers erasable. - add 12x12, 15x15, and samurai Sudoku - add Sudoku with symbols and letters instead of numbers - consider having players achieve levels for solving various types of games on each level (a cross between Two Dots and Microsoft Sudoku) letting them choose which types they would like to solve (I wouldn't choose the one with addition). As I've said this app has the ability to be exceptional with a few changes. Looking forward to updates!!


25 February 2017

Lots of levels. Really fun I highly recommend it.


7 February 2017

I like the different game options


4 February 2017

Love playing it....a wonderful challenge.


1 February 2017

Good and challenging. Only issue is that there is no setting for windows phone to adjust screen size. Numbers are partially covered by the task bar causing me to accidentally hit the hint or reset icons.


24 September 2016

After completing a level, NO indication whether or not its correct or complete. So use up a hint to get a "Great Job", "Next Level" Not looking for anything other then a Level complete indicator when it is completed and done correctly. Should not have to use up a hint.


15 September 2016

I like the variety of games in this app but wish you could make pencil marks in higher levels of Sudoku.


31 July 2016

I have been having fun solving these puzzles. I have not run into any glitches. As a disclaimer though they do offer free hints for 5 stars.


18 July 2016

Loved it

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