Star Ninja Free

Help the Star Ninja in the eternal battle between the Ninjas and the Pirates! Your mission is to knock out all the pirates while they taunt you and each other. Throwing stars will bounce around the scene, ricocheting off some objects, sticking to others, sometimes causing explosions and always fun to watch! You just never know how a level will play out as pirates are flung about in comical ways when they react to throwing stars, objects and explosions. This highly rated game is now free to play! Star Ninja is a ricochet game where you bounce throwing stars to knock out all the pirates in order to proceed to the next level. Well presented family friendly fun with 50 levels of cute animations, great music, ragdoll physics and a huge amount of amusing pirate banter. There are four game modes: Focus, Frenzy, Campaign and Speed Run. Focus mode has a limited number of stars to throw per level with a time based bonus at the end for finishing quickly. Frenzy mode has unlimited stars to throw, but a limited amount of time to use them all. The score in Frenzy mode is based on how much time it takes to clear the level. Campaign and Speed Run modes are multi-level versions of Focus and Frenzy where you play from levels 1 to 50 and the score is the total of all the levels. Includes global high score support, fast task switching and Mango optimizations!

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21 May 2016

******* stupid as ****, piece of ******* gay **** bitch!!!


24 March 2015

Some one said its better then angry birds angry birds is better


1 February 2015

no no bad bad


6 November 2014

This is like halo😃😃😃😃


4 September 2014

The pirates make funny comments. Graphics are great. Entertaining game. Occasionally freezes, not a big deal, restarting gets you back in seconds


30 May 2014



11 May 2014

Like it! Do I? I do!!


24 February 2014

Bom muito divertido


15 December 2013

Nice!!😄but why can't the pirates have different dead positions? Why not they be British soldiers? But nice!!😎🍕🍔🍟


28 November 2013

I love it but it only has 50 levels

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