Spy Pigeon - Secret Mission

In “Spy Pigeon – Secret Mission” your territorial borders are under threat by enemy armed forces which are deployed in border area of your country and they might attack your country anytime. You are unable to collect the deployment detail of enemy forces even with your aero planes and drones in order to plan combat strategy as they could be knocked down by enemy troops by shooting or hunting them down. Therefore, as you are part of intelligence agency of your country you have especially trained few SPY PIGEONS to perform the duties of undercover agent. Main role of this corpse is to spy & collect intelligence around the enemy lines across the border to conduct a highly sensitive secret spy mission in enemy territory. Your spy pigeon has to go through several deadly obstacles as he takes the high risk of flying in to the border area and dare to step in to dangerous zone where it has to collect highly sensitive information and report back to Alpha Base where it has started the mission for successful completion of the same. Your spy Pigeon is like a one man commando and its mission is to fly over multiple areas where your enemies Army Units are staying and those building / posts are marked with RED arrow sign. Your spy pigeon has to fly over all of those RED marked areas and then it has to return back to its base, for a mission to be successful. Among many other missions, one mission of your Spy Pigeon is to rescue its fellow pigeons which has been caught by enemy, your spy pigeon has to escape from the shooting or getting being hunt by enemy troops which are equipped with rifles and snipers.


  • Smooth Third Person Control
  • Beautiful Environment
  • Amazing 3D Graphics
  • Realistic Simulation of Pigeon
  • Thrilling missions
  • Daring assignment

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24 August 2016

Honestly perfect graphics great audio excellent flight easy to control PERFECT GAME beware timed for 3:00 every quest