Sprint Connect

Sprint Connect provides a live visual and interactive status of your Sprint Mobile Broadband tablet or PC connection while connected to the Sprint network. This application only works with Sierra Wireless Gobi 3000(MC8355) & Gobi 5000 (MC7355 chipset) embedded PC/Tablet modules with the updated firmware to support Windows 8. The module firmware version must be D3600-SCAUTHZ-331425SH02 1 or higher for Gobi 3000 and SWI9X15C_01.08.16.07 or higher for Gobi 5000.


  • Sprint embedded PC or tablet module activation
  • Enhanced domestic and international roaming controls
  • Sprint connection and device diagnostics

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4 January 2017

When this will update to work with Sierra EM7455?


9 September 2016

its nices


5 June 2016



29 July 2013

Not faulting Sprint, just Microsoft. Typical Windows8 app, available in the Windows8 store, untested on Windows8. Will not find my phone because W8 hides the phone when it loads Zune unless I change the settings in the Windows registry. Uninstalling this POC.


9 February 2013

App doesn't detect my phone. Click support and the webpage only loads in half the screen.