Spider Solitaire Limited Edition

Spider Solitaire Limited Edition is a version of the great Spider Solitaire game. It has 50 Levels and beautiful design. Play and have fun!


  • 50 Levels
  • Beautiful Design
  • Undo
  • Choose Level

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17 February 2016

if you really like solitaire there is no possible way that I can think of that you wouldn't like this version of it. In fact I think I like this one better than the original.


29 December 2015

I love this game


28 December 2015



13 December 2015

מג ניב


31 October 2015

This game loads quickly, it's fun to play & starts getting quite challenging around level 12.


26 October 2015

I really hate this version. You have no control of game settings for level of difficulty or appearance of the cards and background< Cards should look like playing cards, not like someone drew them with a magic marker. As soon as I figure out how to remove it, it will be GONE! rating? The worst


24 October 2015

I think this is one of the best card games they ever came out with it has made a really completion around our apartments to see who could win the most games in a row before losing one. Every one is playing trying to win we even started a kitten jar far this lady at church that has cancer who ever wins will give her the money to help with cancer treatment I have dyslex and I couldn't concerate but your game help me to learn to concernarate really well that I was able to graduate Liberty Universt


14 October 2015

Great Fun with outstanding graphics.


2 October 2015

fast fun thanks ☺