SpeedDial is a solution for the most missed feature in Windows Phone. If you change an older mobile, which enables smart dialling, to Windows Phone you should miss this feature. This application has been developed to bring back this neat feature. And it provides much more. SpeedDial allows to make quick call to each of your contacts. The first day of this application on your phone will be the last day of contact hub as a place which was used to find a number. SpeedDial provides you simple numeric dialling pad with full T9 support. Let’s say I want to call to Kamil. I need just to press following keys: 5 – K, 2 – A, 6 – M, 4 – I, 5 – L. In many cases you will not have to enter full name to find wanted contact. During typing you will see that founded patterns are marked. Please note that you can also search for a phone number and it is done in the same time as name search. This application has one more brilliant function. You can pin contact phone number as a tile in a start screen. After tapping it you will make a call to this person as fast as it is possible. When you finish the call application will return to a phone start view. Features: - intelligent and fast global search among all contacts with phones numbers, - highlighting matched text and number while searching, - context menu allowing for call, SMS and pin to start view, - live tiles support, - calling to any number – even it is not in contact list, - automatic contact synchronisation, - T9 support, - support for symbols from European languages (ą, ę, ż, ź, etc.). Notes: Due to Microsoft restrictions application cannot: - dial any service code, - dial any number without user confirmation.

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29 May 2017

My default dialer.


20 January 2017

It does what it's supposed to. Two taps. No searching and I'm calling. Just what vi need


19 October 2016

It is asome😊


25 August 2016



18 June 2016

Better than default phone dialer


15 May 2016

Usefull and Pratical


26 January 2016

I use it as the default dialer on my Lumia 950XL


3 January 2016

... quite good and practical


8 December 2015



18 November 2015

Best dialing app I've found that allows lookup of mobile and home numbers without pushing an additional button. Wish that you could change the default keyboard to qwerty.

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