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    * Find more detailed update information on http://www.SongRepertoire.com/pages/UpdateInfo.html Release 41 Export PDF with annotations sometimes created wrong annotation in new PDF file - fixed Auto-Scrolling - technical changes for better performance In some sessions opening the settings screen caused a crash - fixed Minor UI changes Release 40 Complete rework of metronome includes automatic stopping after defined number of bars, ... If a song has added multiple music sheets option to navigate through these pages with prev/next button and HotKeys Save or measure duration of songs Group playlists into blocks incl. calculation of total block duration PDF export improved Optional show next song title and interpret on bottom of song page Release 36 & 37 New HotKey for combined Auto-Scrolling and start of playback New HotKey to start metronome Performance when deleting multiple songs improved "hickups" on playback fixed Reimporting modified PDF file fixed Release 35 Music sheet viewer for files based on chord-pro format now allows you to show the chord symbols above the text. Also you can define all font properties for lyrics as well as chord symbols. Assign the currently shown song to a playlist directly from the song page. Change the font size used in of playlists. Define the used background image. Indicator for battery alert shown when below 10%. New function for HotKeys to automatically start Auto-Scrolling and playback.


SongRepertoire helps the musician to manage music sheets, playbacks and set lists. Add multiple chord files or music sheets as well as playbacks to a song. Use the integrated chord file editor or add an external file. Or use the camera of your device to take pictures of printed music sheets. By using the own chord format of SongRepertoire (similar to ChordPro) you can transpose the songs easily. External controller like from AirTurn are supported. If your device supports a stylus you can use it to add annotations to files, to write tabs or music sheets based on the prepared empty templates. Add playbacks to your song or create them by yourself with the audio recorder of your tablet. To arrange your set lists you can manage multiple playlists, add, reorder or remove songs from them. If you have a OneDrive account you can upload your songs into the cloud. When you use SongRepertoire on multiple devices with the same account you can easily share your songs. You can also export songs or playlists and import them on other SongRepertoire installations or share them with your band mates. It´s also possible to export your music sheets to pdf, as well as recorded audio as mp3.


  • Songs with multiple chord files or music sheets, also supporting external controllers like AirTurn
  • Integrated chord file editor, import from existing files or take picture
  • Record playbacks and loops or add existing audio files
  • Support of stylus to add annotations, write tabs or music sheets
  • Management of set lists
  • Up- and download to OneDrive or local drives
  • Share with your band mates and friends

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28 May 2017

It has been difficult to find a tablet program without emulation Android or being an Apple, and this seems to do the trick pretty well. I wish I could figure out how to get the page turns to be exactly a full page without a slip of extra from the next page, and that is my only real beef so far. I am buying a pedal page turner, but if that works well and I figure out the other, I will probably change this to 5 stars. Still a newbie at doing music with technology instead of paper.


- 14 May 2017

I like it. Would like it much more if the chords above lyrics worked as it should though. For me at least, even when using "monospaced" fonts, chords won't align correctly. Or more accurate, the lyrics won't. If you try and put chord/s in the middle of a word and use "chords above lyrics", the word will be divided into two or more (depending on how many chords you use in the word, of course) parts as if you had used the space bar. Doesn't look good at all and needs to be fixed. If, or when, this and a couple of other things (mentioned by others) are fixed, it will get a 5 from me. Great price for an, otherwise, great app - if only this annoyance would be taken care of.


27 March 2017

When I attempt to upload a PDF the app crashes. Just trying to upload 1 file


8 March 2017

Love what you've got going... would like to see just a few more add-ons: >> • Text annotations via kybd. This is kinda vital. My stylus scribbling is... iffy at best. Maybe 3 text sizes; bold/ital options; include #/Flat for chord notations, maybe a few other music symbols. //// • option to reverse page to the prior song (in case I double hit the frwd button or for practicing transitions). //// • option to hit lower/lower-right section of screen to page forward (during performance, it can be hard to quickly hit a specific spot or even swipe effectively) //// • Annotation highlighter (either semi-opaque or doesn't mask anything already on the page that's darker than about 90% black) .... Even without these things, my church is in process of dumping our buggy prior app. Really like the solid performance thus far.


1 March 2017

This program has always worked with ChordPro files, but now you have the option of viewing them with the chords on top of the words instead of imbedded in the same line. This is how most other apps display their chords. Also love the new improved annotations. I use "pdf" sheet music, chordpro and text files and this is the best, if not the only app that works well with all! I have used many other apps including OnSong on the ipad, which I used to think was the best, but now my go-to music app in SongRep!


25 February 2017

I like the app, but saving to One Drive errors out. Please fix it :-). Also it would be nice to include other cloud options (Google Drive, DropBox etc.).


16 January 2017

Good app, but there is an error when saving to Onedrive. So not possible to sync with my phone


8 December 2016

This makes it I can find a song easily and it's all in one place. My only complaint is I can't use it on my Tab wish you had a app for mobile devices


7 December 2016

1) Does not do what chord pro is meant to do - place chords above lyrics in a fixed position independent of fonts. 2) Needs a more flexible chord descriptor - I like to put my chords above a verse and not imbedded in the verse. Would want to use [E E <A B> E] to designate 4 bars - 2 of E, one split between A and B and one of E. Program will accept this but won't transpose properly. Option to drop "[ " and "]" brackets in display would be nice - clutters visual field too much. 3) Need a sample song that demonstrates all of the features of the built-in chord pro format or a help file that shows this. But the program is visually impressive and has a great deal of functionality already. Just needs a bit more flexibility.


3 December 2016

makes all i need

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