Sokoban is a type of transport puzzle, in which the player pushes boxes or crates around in a warehouse, trying to get them to storage locations.

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12 June 2017

I like everything about the game. What I don't like is that you can only put it on one computer. My husband loves this game so now I have to download on his computer and pay for it again Sara


25 January 2017

NO frustration as with other Sokoban games I've tried. Fast moving, easy to control, and semi-automatic in that you can click on ANY square and the pusher block will go directly to that square automatically, via the shortest clear route. Makes for a MUCH FASTER game. I'm deleting all my other Sokoban games and ONLY PLAYING THIS ONE. So happy to have found it. I don't even mind paying for levels eleven and higher. For me, it's well worth $2.99. Heck, even a burger costs more than that. And I'll have it forever. Oh, and there are NO ADS ! I love it ! DEVELOPER: Please fix screen of levels (locks) to show a green checkmark on levels 11 and higher when completed. It's hard for me to keep track myself. Thanks.


23 September 2016

only 10 games free . info on game did not mention this


11 September 2016


29 April 2013

This is a TRIAL app. Purchase is required to go beyond a few levels.


5 February 2013

It's not polished at all and isn't fun