Sniper Target Criminals

Sniper Target Criminals is an action game with Russian sniper provided to the brave hero of the frontier to shoot down the criminals and end up the deadly war in the crime city. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a legend hero who is fighting for his nation! Have you ever dreamed to become a brave freedom fighter and hunt the terrorists! Have you ever dreamed to fight like a hero for the glory of your mother land! If yes, then you are at the right place. Take you Russian sniper and fight for your mother land and be the hero sniper hunter of the Russian frontier forces. Sniper Target Criminals is a unique game of its type which combines army and police operations in a single game in which the shooter is targeting the enemies in the crime city. This operation was started with a team of commandos but the terrorists shoot all your soldiers and now you are the last hope. It’s time for revenge, now you have two reasons for this war. Save your mother land and take revenge of your soldiers of your elite army. It’s a call for glory, its duty time. Shoot at the terrorists, be the best sniper shooter in the battle of heroes! Your target is clear; kill the criminals in the crime city and bring glory to your frontier forces. This shooting game gives you a chance to play like a target killer of the brave frontier and experience the thrill and fun of accurate aiming and dead shots. The brave hero will be obscured on a roof top and will be a deadly hunter of the criminals. This shooting app gives you 3D HD graphics of a real looking crime city and a addictive game play that will engage you busy in this game. You are a brave Russian marksman of your frontier forces determined to save your mother land and kill the criminals. Be a Hero Russian Marksman and bring glory to your country and take the pride of being the best soldier of your frontier. How to Play: - Drag your finger on the screen to aim - Press the scope button to aim at the enemy - Press the fire button to shoot - Select mission type in mission selection screen


  • Amazing HD 3D Realistic Graphics
  • Mesmerizing Enemy Animations with a Range of Behaviors
  • Intelligent Enemy AI
  • Amazing Story Mode
  • Countless Missions
  • Varying Difficulty
  • Realistic Marksman Physics Engine
  • Completely Mind-Blowing Action Camera Replay on Head Kill Shot!
  • Unique storyline