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    • Access your Internet connection and act as a server.
    • Use your pictures library
  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: English (United States)
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    * FIXED - A crash that happened when trying to sign back in after having signed out while offline. Fixed: No longer will the app crash when trying to send a /msg or /dm slash command followed any text that is not @username Fixed: App no longer crashes after selecting Edit Profile in user settings while offline. Overall, there is less crashing in general. - Weirdly, you were able to start threads on Slackbot search results from /apps slash command. Basically, it's a Slackbot message that users should not have been able to start a thread on in the first place. Why anyone ever wanted to, we will never know. - Role descriptions in member profiles were overlapping their custom status. No more. - Some posts were missing data due to interactive messages not being supported in app. We've now made it more clear to users that interactive messages should be read on the desktop app. You can provide feedback just by tapping the feedback link (in Settings -> About) or sending an email to winphone@slack.com

Slack (Beta)

We’ve been working hard and feel confident enough to open up our Windows Phone Beta to all the patient Windows Phone users who've been clamoring for it. But this is a beta — not the finished version, so it has some rough edges and quirky traits unbecoming of a proper Slack application. We humbly ask only one thing: please give us your honest feedback so that we can make your Windows Phone experience great. You can provide feedback just by tapping the feedback link (in Settings -> About) or sending an email to feedback@slack.com We've posted a list of known bugs at https://slack-files.com/T024BE7LD-F08UPP1DJ-4b526e6cbe. We'll update it as we knock bugs down and add ones to the list that we plan to fix in an upcoming release.


  • Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It’s real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams.

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12 July 2017

Can't launch and can't uninstall! Just sitting there like a brick hijacking memory!!! I have been trolled!!!


9 July 2017

I need to have this working on my Lumia 950, my work group sends out notifications almost every day. If it doesn't work, I will uninstall. I will have to rely on texts and email.


8 July 2017

Basic functionality like seeing a list of your channels and DMs works, but things like sending a message in a channel or DM or searching for users to start a new DM consistently fails with saying it's offline. My internet connection works fine in other apps...


27 June 2017

Slack man beveik niekad neveike


26 June 2017

The app doesn't scale to the screen. Would be more useful if it supported Continuum.


23 June 2017

Glad to see Slack on Windows Mobile! Works great!!


13 June 2017

Was working great, but last update broke on windows 8.1 and now the app won't open, please fix


10 June 2017

When I am on 3G, the app does not connect. Instead, it looks for a connection endlessly.


8 June 2017

Hoping that search function will be added soon.


7 June 2017

Sadly, Slack did decide to not make an UWP. Aside from that the app runs good enough on mobile with a few hiccups here and there. After all, it's still a beta

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