Skill Game

>> CONNECT THE DOTS, SUPERCHARGED Connect numbers, without touching your lines, crashing or drawing outside the paper. Progress through the world, where every level is different. A mix of strategy, skill and hand-eye coordination are required to beat all the levels. >> MORE THAN 150 LEVELS Start from easy and progress through higher difficulty levels, and use the 'Magic Pen' to help with the hardest levels. Try to beat each level with zero crashes! >> EXPLORE THE MAGIC LINE WORLD Advance through the 6 worlds, from the beginners 'White Forest' to the World #6 where you have to use all your skill. Play the 'jellybean' level, the 'secret black level' and the 'doughnut level', and beat the normal and hero levels, and solve the 'arrow' levels. >> LOTS OF OPTIONS - Achievements - Worldwide Leaderboard - Optimized for both right and left handed players - Normal and Hero levels - Replay any level - Magic Pen available in any level - Progress through 155 levels, each of them different - Turn sound on/off - Available for Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Windows 10


  • Draw lines without touching
  • More than 150 levels in 6 worlds
  • Achievementes, Online leaderboard
  • Magic Pens to help solve more difficult levels

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27 May 2017

It's a challenge, but fun!


30 March 2017



11 March 2017



7 February 2017

I love it, its a good way to test yourself


8 January 2017

It's a pretty addictive game. Would be too hard to play on a bus, car ride, etc. Precision is certainly required.


2 January 2017

This is a startlingly good game. I'm officially addicted.


20 November 2016

Ok, challenging


24 October 2016

It's an awesome game; I love it. 😊


18 September 2016

Yeah fun!


9 September 2016

Kinda addicting 😉

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