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Throw away the pen and paper and manage all of your shopping lists in one place: your Windows®Phone. Make customized lists for your shopping trips and easily check off each item as you find it. Have something you buy all the time? Add it to favorites so you can quickly put it on your next shopping list. Forgetting an item will be a thing of the past!

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15 June 2017

Makes a list for any store you choose! This app works great no problems. I wish it worked on Android also!


3 May 2017

Allows creation of multiple lists, checking off items as they are added to the cart and remove from cart when purchased. Items can be assigned a category, description and quantity, but only after they are already in the list. Items can be added to favorites but only if already in the list. No way to assign or sort by an aisle location so not as helpful when shopping in large stores. Separate lists can be kept for multiple stores, but I found no way to move items from one list to another (when not available or priced too high). No record keeping for purchase date or price (If those get added it would be nice to be able to sort on these items and get totals) No way I found to share between multiple family members or multiple devices.


16 February 2017

All of my entries were deleted but the group names remained. I spent a lot of time creating the entries and I am not sure I want to continue to use this program in fear it will happen again. It should have a backup option.


11 January 2017

I really like that it is simple to use


27 December 2016

Can't give me pre made categories' Can't delete menus' cause of bug Can't see the history where my items go. I need more time than a pen and paper to right things. So it is useless.


31 October 2016

Please share this with provider. Love this app and want for my new phone. Why no longer in Windows Store? Have tried every other app and they don't measure up.


20 October 2016

good but gone now. bummer.


8 October 2016

Easy to use. Works flawlessly.


5 October 2016

Simple but very much useful to those who do not need complex app for shopping list.


28 August 2016

Love this app. Wish I would have started using it earlier.

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