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  • Published by: Softarch Technologies
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  • Supported processors: x86, x64, ARM
  • Language: Norwegian (Bokmål), English (United States), Norwegian (Nynorsk)
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    * General bug fixes and overall performance improvement *** New list view for medication adherence *** Medication Adherence and Reminder-wise Medication Adherence Reports *** Improved tutorial for ease of use . *** General bug fixes( 2015.821.1024.369 - Phone & - Store) - Re-use the deleted Reminder name. - Reminder time format change(example : 12:3 to 12:03) - Reminder End Date limited to 3 Year maximum *** General bug fixes( 2015.821.1024.371 - Phone & - Store)

RxRemind simplistic medicine reminder and tracker

Rxremind is a simple medicine/drug / prescription reminder and pill tracker with multilingual support.It allows you to enter all your dosage, set up reminders and keep track of all your medications/ medicines/prescription/pills/drugs and when to take them. App Feature Highlights: • New Medication adherence rate on dashboard gives real time information of your medication/ drug /pill intake. • Improved user on boarding with new tutorial. • Medication Adherence reports - Medicine wise and Reminder wise gives you complete information on when you missed your meds / medications/ prescriptions /drugs or when were you late on taking your meds/ medications/ prescriptions /drug • Create different types of reminders based on the dosage frequency or the time you take. • Clear view of when to take the medicine / medication / prescription on the home screen. • Support for different dosage types and different medication / medicine / prescription types. • Get notifications for taking medicines / medications /pills/prescription drugs • Automatic track / update remaining medicine /medication / prescription drugs quantity. • Get notification when your medicine / medication / prescription drugs are running low. • Ability to refill or transfer an existing prescription drugs / medicine / medication. • Export all your prescription drugs / medication / medicine data with ease. • Email prescription history and medication/ medicine / prescription drug list. • Historical tracking of your prescription drugs / medications / medicine. • Get location of the nearest hospitals and chemist / pharmacy / hospital / doctor based on your current location worldwide. • Manage your allergies list with severity and notes. Helps you when traveling abroad. * Current version supports English and Norwegian language. It will be soon available in Swedish and Danish languages.

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2 June 2017

it's a great idea for an app, I really needed something like this but this app is far from being finished. a lot of work still needs to be done, it feels like it was rushed to the market. very unpolished, lots of bugs. i encourage the developers to keep working on it, it can still be saved.


17 March 2017

Has been a useful app for those of is on chronic, lifetime medications. Docking one star, as reminders don't seem to be working anymore, not sure why. 😐 Have uninstalled & reinstalled to try to fix. I appreciate that the developers are keeping this app current. Thanks!


20 February 2017

Would be a nice app if printing the list of medications was an option.


27 January 2017

This app sucks


4 December 2016

Filled out all fields, and was greeted with a non-helpful message "Please select form name". I'll switch to a spreadsheet, thanks.


24 November 2016

Lots of bugs. Can't depend it. Started to cause problems with other apps so I uninstalled it


17 November 2016

If I enter the ending date of schedule immedatly the App chrashes. This happens with the test version and the paid version too. I changed the region and language from German to Englisch. But the problem persists. The support email account is out of order.


11 November 2016

Stopped working after first time alarm going off....


3 November 2016

My schedule is not consistent. I may wake up at 9:00 today, but tomorrow I could wake up at 11 or 8. I don't live my life by a perfect routine. And unfortunately, majority of reminder apps are designed for people that do. I can't set a reminder to take my medicine at say, 12 noon for example, because there's no guarantee I'll be available for that same time every day. So far out of all the apps I've tried - and I've tried about 4 or 5 before I got to this one - this is the only app that lets me set an unlimited number of reminders for the day (because most set a limit on the amount of reminders you can have). So my only solution for the time being is to set this app to remind me every hour, every day for the next three years. It's crazy, yes, but this is the only way to guarantee I'll take my medicine. I've been using this app for about 1 1/2 months now, and I haven't missed a dose since. But if you know of a better app, let me know.


14 September 2016

I can and will make a better pill tracker in my spreadsheet in 10 minutes or less.

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