Are you tired of jewel matching games? RUNE³ is a match-3 game with an awesome graphics theme. RUNE³ offers an unlimited amount of addictive match-3 gaming fun and is absolutely free. If you wish to compete against other people from all over the world – RUNE³ contains online leaderboards.


  • Two game modes: Normal and Time Challenge
  • Fast and smooth gameplay
  • 28 Achievements
  • Online leaderboards: all time, weekly and daily
  • Playable in portrait or landscape orientation

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12 July 2017

This is one of my favorite games, of all time, and now it does not work. It opens up as usual then just stops. Nothing


11 July 2017

This is fun & very relaxing. It's nice to wind down with in the evening. Very zen.


10 July 2017

I like this game but it won't save and I have to do them all over again and again. NO fun


7 July 2017

Love love the graphs. Not a fan of the game not being saved even tho I hit the save button before I log off.


5 July 2017

I love to play your game. It makes you pay attention more so than most other games.


20 June 2017

Before I downloaded the game I should have read the ratings. Then I would have known that you can't really save the game.


15 June 2017

I love this one!!!


14 June 2017

Great action. Keeps me moving and the time goes by fast.


10 June 2017

graphics are interesting


3 June 2017

it's like most match 3,

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