RoboForm for Windows Phone / RT

RoboForm is a password manager that automatically remembers your passwords so you'll never have to remember or type your passwords again. It also can fill long registration and checkout forms from personal profiles called Identities. Password Generator is included. This is a version of RoboForm that allows you to use your Logins from your RoboForm Everywhere account on your Windows portable device or on your desktop. A few notes on using RoboForm for Windows Store: - RoboForm Everywhere account is required, for synchronization. - RoboForm runs in its own browser as Windows Store Apps can not add any extensions to other browsers.


  • Saves and stores passwords
  • Automatically fills password forms
  • Automatically clicks Login/Submit button
  • Fills forms
  • Keeps passwords in sync with other computers and mobile devices
  • Generates Passwords
  • Easily search Logins with the built-in search feature

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13 June 2017

I love RoboForm, but not on Windows Mobile. Cant log in to websites, cant even use it just to look up a password. This app is just horrible.


2 June 2017

doesnt show passcards list. won't accept password after auto logoff.


24 May 2017

Works the first few times on Windows phone. Always freezes after that, even on clean install of phone operating system.


11 May 2017

Ever since the update to where you had to update your account to RoboForm 8, RoboForm has turned into CrapoForm. To add to the disaster it has become, the Win 10 Phone app just freezes whenever I try to view my passcards. Save yourself the hassle and do what RoboForm should do, find a better manager!


27 April 2017

I have many logins and passwords. Well with this app it is expecting to scroll through that manually. BECAUSE... when you type in the name of the login in the searchbar, guess what, you search it online. i have a webbrowser for online searches, RoboForm stay out of my browsing life! only a plugin in a browser is ok to fill passwords in. With this app i'm scrolling around endlessly. As if I have nothing else to do.


22 April 2017

...That worked for me after I couldn't log into the app with my account. This app needs a faster/smoother way for me to find a login and copy the information to my clipboard. I rarely want to use the browser integrated within the app. I just want to use the app to look up my user IDs and passwords in the simplest way. So, there should be a page in the app where it searches as I type. then, by clicking on a login it shows the user ID and password straight away to be able to copy to the clipboard.


13 April 2017

I've been using RoboForm for a number of years and the Windows phone version since it was first released. The current version (3.1.5) works well on the latest build of Windows (15063.138). The only thing that I don't love about the app is the lack of integration with Edge. Hopefully Microsoft will add extension support for Edge on phone😉


4 April 2017

Hard a problem signing in for a while, but seems to be fixed now.


31 March 2017

Version 8 causes Windows 10 phone to crash and reboot when syncing. Had to uninstall for now. Disappointed. Also interferes with PayPal pages loading inside the RoboForm overlay such as loads as a blank white page.


28 March 2017

Amazing! Incredibly easy to use and powerful!

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