Relax Melodies Premium

Relax Melodies Premium, the leader in personalized relaxation and sleep assistance , is now available for your Windows Phone! No more insomnia for you, tension is a thing of the past at any moment. Just custom mix your favorite high quality sounds from a selection of 82, then slip naturally into a relaxed state or a deep, rejuvenating sleep. This is the ultimate relaxation experience and it's super easy to use! FEATURES: * Mix your favourite sounds together with different volume to create your own personal melodies * 82 High quality ambient sounds including 6 binaural beat frequencies for brainwave entrainment. * Timer system to stop the melodies when you go to sleep * Individual sound volume adjustment * Save, name and replay your favorite mixes easily * Complete and easy to follow help screen Get the most personalized relaxation experience it’s possible to have. With just a few taps, you can create the exact MELODY that resonates perfectly with you. With ambient and binaural selections, you can choose whether to simply relax or tell your brain that it’s time for sleep. It can even help your baby fall asleep faster! Download it now and become one of the million relaxed users of Relax Melodies. You’re going to love how it will help you relax, meditate and sleep.

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25 June 2017

Simple, good interface, perfect for sleep.


5 May 2017

Nuff said.


27 April 2017

Don't buy. Ipnos hasn't supported it in years and has basically abandoned both Windows and Android.


9 March 2017

Premium gives you the ability to use while the phone is in sleep mode (free version will turn off when put to sleep..not off). Great functions and features. Highly recommend for those who get stressed or can't sleep!


23 January 2017

I absolutely love this app. It's got everything I could want: A huge range of customization, combinations and volumes of sounds. Timers. Special beats that help with focus and relaxation... It's the whole package. Worth every penny.


26 December 2016

This is and old version that cannot be updated or have the ads removed. I've contact the vendor directly and they told me they will not be updating this app for Windows phone.


25 December 2016

Great app, helps me ignore the tinnitus and sleep.


13 December 2016



11 November 2016

I use this app all of the time. I have a favorite sound mix for many of my daily routines. I continue using Windows phones Just so I have this app.


16 September 2016

Everything I wanted.

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